Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Parallel 2 Flash Game Review

Link: Parallel 2
Developed by InversionGames
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

The overall idea behind Parallel 2 is nothing particularly new or even interesting yet it captured my attention and in the end actually turned out to be a pretty neat game. As you can probably infer from the game's title, Parallel 2 has you controlling multiple characters at once in "parallel" worlds. Avoiding danger in all and using neat tricks to help each other out.

Specifically in Parallel 2 you are controlling three different parallel worlds/characters. In total there are 30 levels which actually seems to be extremely short. Level design doesn't vary too much and focuses mostly on dodging spikes in unison or at different times by staggering your characters' movements. There is some neat puzzles using blocks that traverse the different worlds as well. Graphically Parallel 2 is simple using basic bright colors with black foreground in the obstacles and characters which I liked. Overall, Parallel 2 is an interesting flash game but it is much too short and much too easy to really provide a good and fun challenge.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

StrikeForce Kitty Flash Game Review

Link: StrikeForce Kitty
Developed by Degaf Studio
Sponsored by BigDino
Genre: Endless Runner/Platformer
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

StrikeForce Kitty is certainly an interesting take on the endless runner series (or just runner as there is an end). Basically the core of it is you play a group of four kittens as they take on the enemies in a linear platform-centric path. The twist and interesting part is you play the same path every time and you gain upgrades by defeating enemies along the way.

In general StrikeForce Kitty reminds me heavily of 300 Miles to Pigsland in which you have a group of pigs doing pretty much the same thing. However, StrikeForce Kitty takes the upgrade system to a whole new level. This system is based on dressing up your kittens in various hats, weapons, clothes, etc. you get when you defeat enemies. The cool thing is these enemies are all different and there are tons of them. This means tons of different costume combinations (literally tons). Also interestingly enough they are all interesting costumes with a lot of pop culture references as well such as Freddy, Jason, Pulp Fiction, etc.

The only real downside to StrikeForce Kitty besides the repetitiveness that can get to you is the lag. I guess having all these different costumes or something must really bog down the game because after a while it is unbearable. Really a shame as I was loving mixing and matching all the clothes like I was playing a Barbie Dress Up Game. Overall though if the lag was fixed StrikeForce Kitty is one heck of a game.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Coming Out Simulator 2014 Flash Game Spotlight

Link: Coming Out Simulator 2014
Developed by Nicky Case
Genre: Story

Today I'm going to do a flash game spotlight on a really interesting game I came across the other day. The game is called Coming Out Simulator 2014 and as you can perhaps guess it is a game where you finally come out as being gay to your parents. Coming Out Simulator 2014 is based on the half true real life story of developer Nicky Case.

Now I am not gay but I still felt that Coming Out Simulator 2014 was a great game that not only hits home for people who have come out and their experiences but also gives a good insight in general to the process and how hard it can be. Gameplay is Coming Out Simulator 2014  is very simple as it is basically a text based decision game where you choose the dialogue in the situations. Overall Coming Out Simulator 2014 really paints what I feel is a fairly realistic scene for what coming out as gay can really be. Bravo to Nicky Case.

Monday, June 30, 2014

I Saw Her Across The World Flash Game Review

Link: I Saw Her Across The World
Developed by KrangGames
Sponsored by ArmorGames
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

KrangGames sure is pumping out his zombie themed series..although I guess since there is minimal effort in graphics it doesn't take much. Anyways, the latest foray into the zombie world is I Saw Her Across The World. Honestly I Saw Her Across The World took me by surprise as it actually added a lot more depth, features and general detail than before. This really takes it away from the pretentiousness that I Saw Her Standing There and even I Saw Her Too, With Lasers had, although I Saw Her Across The World still has its fair bit.

Anyways, story wise and basic gameplay wise I Saw Her Across The World is pretty much the same. It has you chasing your zombie lover but in more level based "acts". And each act you switch places/roles. I Saw Her Across The World adds a bit more hazards and level based detail than before but it is still rather bare bones, though I would call I Saw Her Across The World a proper platformer now. The big change though with I Saw Her Across The World is that there is a more detailed and "open" world. So you travel along this world going to different level based spots like the forest, the city, mountains, etc. to find your zombie lover and complete the act. Overall, I Saw Her Across The World is similar to the other games in the series but does change enough of the formula to still be interesting.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Friend Pedro Flash Game Review

Link: My Friend Pedro
Developed by Deadtoast Entertainment
Sponsored by Adult Swim Games
Genre: Shooter
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

A few months ago I reviewed Nunchuck Charlie by Deadtoast Entertainment. The developer was/is a relatively newcomer and I really liked the style behind Nunchuck Charlie and the idea, however it wasn't a grand slam with me but I could see potential. Now they have released My Friend Pedro which I also really like the style of it but also isn't a grand slam for me...maybe one day they will hit one out of the park with me.

Anyways, My Friend Pedro has a few things on its side such as humor and fun controls. You see the humor right away as a floating banana appears and tells you to shoot gangsters. It gets more ridiculous at the end boss battle (which I won't spoil). Control wise My Friend Pedro is basically a generic shooter platform. You traverse the levels wall jumping and rolling around shooting all the gangsters. You can slow down time to make for some awesome looking shoot outs. That is where the fun bit of My Friend Pedro comes in and honestly it really makes the game stand out. Also it makes you want to play through the game again as My Friend Pedro is a short game unfortunately. Overall though, My Friend Pedro is a fun game to play through and, again, has some interesting features but doesn't quite make a grand slam for me.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Curl Up and Fly Flash Game Review

Link: Curl Up and Fly
Developed by Jmtb02
Art by Jimp
Sponsored by Kongregate
Genre: Launcher
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

Always a pleasure to play and review a Jmtb02 game especially with Jimp's art. Their latest game on Kongregate is called Curl Up and Fly (get it?) which is a typical launcher/upgrade game where you shoot an armadillo as far as you can. Now there is already a popular endless runner with an armadillo mascot (Dillo Hills) but I think there is room for two.

At its basic core I will admit I was slightly disappointed at Curl Up and Fly. The reason is it is just too simple. Shoot the armadillo out of a cannon, hope to hit things, use a jetpack to sort of keep afloat. It seems Curl Up and Fly went back to basics of Kitten Cannon and such with their typical charm. Nothing wrong with this but it didn't really "wow" me. The upgrade system in Curl Up and Fly is the main deciding factor and is at least interesting. The system is a spiderweb system where there are many upgrades to choose from (the same categories though) and paths to take. Each path ends up unlocking a bonus Kongpanion though which gives you an extra boost. As you unlock more you will begin to see the strategy in these Kongpanions. Overall though Curl Up and Fly is rather basic but still a lot of fun to play.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Realistic Kissing Simulator Flash Game Spotlight

Link: Realistic Kissing Simulator
Developed by Jimmy Andrews and Loren Schmidt
Genre: Action

You know what your life is missing right now? A flash game that imitates how incredibly awkward kissing is. Enter in the Realistic Kissing Simulator that is just a hilarious game.

The easiest way to describe Realistic Kissing Simulator's gameplay is to liken it to games like QWOP and CLOP. Essentially games with purposely terrible controls to make things funny. Realistic Kissing Simulator is exactly like this and is a two person game (like kissing is supposed to be). To play each person controls two keys; A & Z for one player and the up/down arrows for the other. The game goes through the pleasantries of handshaking and then asking the other person if they would like to kiss. Finally you get to the meat and potatoes that is the tongue action. This is also where Realistic Kissing Simulator gets hilarious as you'll be flailing your tongue around, licking each others eyes and nose...basically simulating all those awkward first kisses you've had. That is all there is to Realistic Kissing Simulator but that is all you need. Great and hilarious game.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Run 3 Flash Game Review

Link: Run 3
Developed by Joseph Cloutier
Sponsored by Kongregate
Genre: Endless Runner
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

I have reviewed countless endless runners and other variations of running games but it seems I have not reviewed any of the Run series even though the original Run is one of my all time favorite runner games. Nonetheless Run 3 is now out and it has improved on the original formula greatly!

To be honest while I've played Run 2 I don't remember much about it so the big changes I'll be talking about for Run 3 may have already been done. Anyways, gameplay wise Run 3 is exactly as you would expect it to be. Typical endless runner with the wall jumping/switching fun. It seems this go around the level shapes are a lot more intricate than before. There are also new environmental factors like bits of floor that collapse when you run over them (they then collapse nearby tiles as well). Run 3 continues with the different runner types which include the normal one, the skater, the high jumper, etc. Each of these has pros and cons and it will suit you to master them all. Run 3 also has an endless mode and the level based adventure mode along with a shop system that seems unnecessary but doesn't hurt anything. Basically Run 3 is what you would expect and I expected awesome.