Saturday, May 23, 2015

Doodle God Blitz Flash Game Revisit

Doodle God Blitz 2

Link: Doodle God Blitz
Developed by JoyBits
Genre: Puzzle

One of my very first reviews four years ago was a new flash game that just blew my mind. Little did I know that it would come to be one of the most popular games for mobile devices in later times and spawn multiple spin offs and clones. The game I am talking about is Doodle God. Since I reviewed the first flash version of Doodle God, the game has taken some big steps. As I mentioned it was ported to mobile devices very successfully where it has been vastly improved. Many spin offs have also occurred including Doodle Devil, Doodle Kingdoms, and Doodle Creatures.

Well today I noticed a new game was uploaded to Kongregate called Doodle God Blitz. Note that this isn't really a new Doodle God game if you've been keeping up with the series or have downloaded the mobile version. However, compared to my original review of Doodle God back in 2011 it is hugely different and I just wanted to revisit it a bit and highlight some of those changes.

Doodle God Blitz 2 walkthrough

A big change is the inclusion of a world map. The world starts out relatively blank and as you discover new vital elements such as grass and swamps and such these things are visually added to the blank world. At the end you'll have a vibrant world with all your achievements displayed. There are also added ages. I think back when I originally reviewed Doodle God there was only maybe the first three ages which spanned basics, technology and modern day. Since then a new one has been added; Magic. Also keeping things interesting, they have added quests and puzzles where you utilize your element combining knowledge to solve them. Now if you load up Doodle God Blitz you'll notice one more thing, especially if you're used to playing the mobile game. There is no energy requirement! You can play as much as you want without stopping or paying for micro-transactions. This is great news and an obvious right choice especially in the flash market. Now, I'm not really sure what brought on JoyBits uploading Doodle God Blitz to Kongregate and making it energy free...could be a marketing ploy before they release Doodle God 2 but we'll see. Either way the Doodle God series is one of my favorites and you should check it out.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Big Dig: Treasure Clickers Flash Game Review

Big Dig: Treasure Clickers mousebreaker

Link: Big Dig: Treasure Clickers
Developed by MouseBreaker
Genre: Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10

When I hear the developer name MouseBreaker I immediately think of another Sports Head game like Sports Heads: Football or Championship and for the most part those are the types of games MouseBreaker makes. Those games are incredible in their own way and I always find myself addicted to the new ones when they come out. But now I see that they developed a new game that strays far from that formula; Big Dig: Treasure Clickers.

Big Dig: Treasure Clickers upgrades

Riding off the popularity wave of incremental/click based games a la Cookie Clicker and such Big Dig: Treasure Clickers is in that same vein. I will say that Big Dig: Treasure Clickers seems a lot more interactive than most incremental upgrade games and as such I found it obviously more engaging but also more addicting. The idea behind Big Dig: Treasure Clickers is simple. You search plots of dirt in a dig site in search for treasure. Find treasure, get money, upgrade stuff to do it better. The upgrades here consist mainly of an automatic dirt searcher and hiring underlings to help as well. Of course you can then further upgrade those with individual stats as well as your own clicking power.

I suppose in the grand scheme of things and looking at the genre Big Dig: Treasure Clickers is then Big Dig: Treasure Clickers isn't all that unique. However, it is the feel and look of it all that really impresses me. Big Dig: Treasure Clickers manages to create a larger world even though it is so simple and it also makes me a lot more engaged and interested in all the different facets it has to offer. All in all Big Dig: Treasure Clickers may be the first game from MouseBreaker that may actually break my mouse.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Give Up 2 Flash Game Review

Give Up 2 logo

Link: Give Up 2
Developed by Tasselfoot
Art by Massive Monster
Sponsored by Armor Games
Genre: Platformer
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

Want to play a game and become incredibly frustrated? Or try one that is so hard but keep pushing yourself to eventually win? Then you need to check out Give Up 2. I reviewed the original Give Up a while ago and I liked the concept a lot. Sort of has a Portal feel to it I guess. Now the second is upon us with even more frustration and snarky computer voices.

Give Up 2 walkthrough

If you didn't play the original I'll give a quick rundown on how the Give Up series plays out. Basically it is a fairly typical platformer first. You go from point A to B without dying to spikes, missiles, etc. Each level however adds upon the same basic level. So each floor will add a new obstacle. Either a new wall to jump over, more spikes, a laser beam, etc. From there the premise is not to "give up" in frustration all the while the computer is being snarky and telling you to give up. That is all that Give Up and Give Up 2 really is. However, it is a fun quick concept of a flash game to play and this time around the levels seemed more inventive with better graphics. Basically if you like platformers of any kind give Give Up 2 a try.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Epic Boss Fighter 2 Flash Game Review

Epic Boss Fighter 2 logo

Link: Epic Boss Fighter 2
Developed by Entertainment Forge
Sponsored by ArmorGames
Genre: Shooter/Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 9/10

A long time ago I reviewed a game called Epic Boss Fighter. At the time I did really enjoy it but wasn't overly impressed (I mean I still gave it an 8/10) due to it being very similar to another recent flash game at the time. However, now the sequel is out, Epic Boss Fighter 2, and it made me realize how well done it really was and how much improved this new sequel is.

If you don't know the premise of the Epic Boss Fighter series or didn't read my review on the first basically it is a boss rush type flash game. There are 10 or however many unique huge bosses and you battle them one at a time in a top down shooter fashion. Beat all of them and you win. Of course each boss gets harder and harder which is where a fairly extensive upgrade system comes into play. Essentially you fail a lot in order to get money to purchase upgrades to eventually win.

Epic Boss Fighter 2 boss list

With that being said Epic Boss Fighter 2 takes the formula up a notch. The upgrade system is vastly improved with tons more upgrades, more choices, consumables, etc. In addition I thought the bosses this go around are a lot cooler and more unique which they already were pretty awesome in the original. For instance you have a fight where you need to shoot the boss' minions in order to create an explosion to down the main boss' shield, a spider boss that eats flies to heal unless you shoot them first, a boss battle where you can rescue people who then become your allies, etc. As you can see Entertainment Forge really made the battles unique and fun to play this time around. All in all, Epic Boss Fighter 2 is one epic game.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest Flash Game Review

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest hacked

After the first 2 installments of this classic, we over at Hacked Arcade Games are very excited to have the chance to review and present Sentry Knight 3: Conquest. This series started off strong with the original Sentry Knight then improved game play to release Sentry Knight 2. Now the overall game has been given a huge redesign and awesome new format. Things have evolved and you’re now a highly-skilled ancient marksman with a powerful rifle, and you must head out to explore your lands in search of a faceless evil trying to mount an invasion.

Sentry Knight 3: Conquest hacked walkthrough

Just as the format of the game has evolved so has the story line and you’re now able to follow your Marksman character from being handed a mysterious map by the High Council, all the way to the journey’s end, where you stop the nasty faceless villain from invading your country! Take on each of the quests and battle your way through hordes of bad guys in the many levels. The format is totally different from the previous two, as you now walk freely around levels, armed to the teeth, fighting waves of enemies that come from every angle. The bad guys come in many forms – from armed skeletons to worms that pop up and shoot you from beneath the ground!

All things considered, this is an enjoyable game with slick graphics and responsive controls. Developed by Armor Games it looks and feels good; this coupled with an interesting storyline and great visuals makes for an action-packed gaming experience and one we recommend you try - after all, how often do you get to roam the ancient countryside with an awesome rifle! Play more games developed by Armor Games either at HAG or on Armor Games.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Power of Love Flash Game Review

the power of love logo

Link: The Power of Love
Developed by Dennatolich
Sponsored by MyPlayYard
Genre: Action/Upgrades
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 6.5/10

The power of love is certainly a strong thing; it can take bring people together huge distances, build lasting relationships and even destroy castles... At least that is what the flash game, The Power of Love teaches me. Yep, in The Power of Love you are a lowly knight trying to win over the King's daughter. You do this by literally smashing his castle by hand till you get your way.

the power of love upgrades

The premise is silly which works with the silly graphics and theme which I adore. I mean you start out banging on the castle walls with your guitar riding a toy pony. Of course you can later upgrade to more knightly and manly items to help in your quest of love. To do this you spend the money that gets thrown out of the castle as you bang on the walls. That is really the whole premise to The Power of Love; Bang on walls, get money, upgrade, bang some more. Admittedly it is a quick game that really isn't meant to be taken too seriously. I could get behind this if the actual game mechanics were fun and less of a chore. There is a lot and I mean a lot of mindless walking back and forth from the castle back to collect money and then more walking to walk to the store to spend your cash. You can increase your speed eventually but still it is too much slow painful walking for my tastes. Overall though The Power of Love is a silly simple game but one that might be too painful to actually enjoy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vegas Takes Tips from Mobile Gaming for Millennial Market

Vegas is coming back into vogue for young people as more and more millennials are making the city a top vacation destination. The only trick now is learning how to get them to play once they arrive. Although tourism is going up and skewing younger, the number of those newcomers that are playing at the casinos during their stay has declined. Now, casino owners are looking to appeal to the younger generation with a new strategy that takes its cues from the ever-increasing popularity of the mobile market and casual gaming.

Las Vegas Sun reports that Senate Bill 9, which would allow video-game style gambling, was unanimously approved by an Assembly Judiciary Committee on May 8, 2015. This ruling is a major step in the loosening of restrictions on electronic gaming in Nevada and could signify the beginning of a new era of casino gaming.

Slot machines, once a marquee moneymaker of the casino, are still big business but it's become clear that younger audiences want more from their gaming experience. Millennials tend to embrace the social aspect of mobile gaming along and prefer skill-based games to games of chance. This has seen the appeal of random slot machines diminish as they're hardly portable and reduce social interaction for players. "Slot machines are really, really, really great entertainment experiences for a different demographic: Older people," David Chang, chief marketing officer for Gamblit (a gaming company geared toward the millennial generation), told
CBS News.

Subsequently, casinos and gaming companies are looking to mobile gaming as a way to appeal to a new market that is still searching for the right kind of experience on the casino floor.

In recent years, the famed Riveria has attempted to make some headway into the millennial market. According to
this page, they did so by providing themed machines incorporating such franchises as "The Lord of the Rings," "The Hangover," and "Sex and the City" but it has become clear from the continuing decline of patrons and the shuttering of the once legendary casino that gamers need more than a new coat of paint to pique their interest.

Getting through to the new generation is key for the future of Vegas and an exciting time for the gaming industry with new technology and strategies changing the game for the casino. It was 
reported in 2014 that gaming technology giant Bally Technologies (the world's oldest slot-machine manufacturer) was planning to purchase Dragonplay (an Israeli developer of mobile slots, card games, bingo and more) for up to $100 million.

But the incorporation of skill into games of chance has some in Vegas worried that it nay bring more sharks to the water. A reliance on skill means that certain players will have an advantage of being able to practice and therefore improve their odds of winning—and ultimately increasing their chance of beating the house. However, local gaming enthusiast and bar owner Chris LaPorte told the
Las Vegas Sun earlier this year that there was a way "for the casino to be happy, just as much as the customer is happy with their experience."

With mobile gaming becoming a multi-billion dollar industry and its audiences flocking in droves to Las Vegas, it's only a matter of connecting the dots for casinos looking to cash in on the new craze. All eyes are now on the legislature as the bill moves to the assembly floor for a final vote next week.

Time Clickers Online Game Review

time clickers logo

Link: Time Clickers
Developed by Proton Studio
Genre: Action/Idle/Unity
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

If you look at the recent most popular games on sites like Kongregate and such you'll see a clear and surprising trend. This is that idle upgrade games are king currently. I guess it started really with Cookie Clicker (there were idle games before but Cookie Clicker really made it viral). Now there are so many idle games it is impossible to check them all out...and honestly who would want to. They are fun and addicting but very few branch out and the only difference between most is the graphical theme.

time clickers unity

However, Time Clickers by Proton Studio stood out to me. You are basically surrounded by 3D cubes that you click to shoot at. Shoot them enough and they blow up and give you cash to spend on upgrades. Of course this is an "idle" game so you can buy guns that shoot the cubes for you. In terms of the upgrade tree of Time Clickers I would say it is still fairly generic. I guess what stood out to me is the graphics (Time Clickers is developed in Unity giving it a nice 3D feel) as well as the fun that comes with physically clicking and shooting the cubes. However, that part goes away real quick as the automatic guns you can buy shoot the cubes much better/faster than you can so you are stuck just moving your mouse around frantically to collect the cash. Overall I like the idea behind Time Clickers and like that it is slightly different but it still falls into the pile of hundreds of others that all feel the same.