Friday, May 20, 2011

Kongregate Site Review

I figured my first post might as well be about where I go to play all the games I do. I know there are countless flash game sites out there but I stick to mainly only one.


Kongregate has a few neat features that I think make it the best place to play flash game sites on the whole web.

1) Leveling Up. Kongregate implements the vastly popular idea of achievements within it's site. Some of the popular games have challenges within the game which if you complete you get points. Get enough points and you rank up your account. You can also get points to rank up by rating content, whether it be games or user made map packs, etc. Now while these points don't really do anything, it's a fun side distraction within the site and gets you wanting to play more and get that sense of achievement.  

2) Variety. Some sites may only have games from one developer or one outlet such as Armorgames or somewhere else. Kongregate gets games from all over. Constant variety from all over. On top of this, they usually get the games before other sites do. So you can be the first one to play the brand new games!

3) New. I just mentioned that they get new games before other sites. They also are constantly updating with new games. Everyday I log in and usually theres a new game featured on the front page.

4) Developer relations. If you start to get into the site you will notice something, the developers really do care about the users. They actually listen to the comments and if something needs changing a lot of the times they will change it and reupload the game within a day. They also for the most part take active interest in the community.

5) Contests. Not only do they have contests for the users, but a big part of their site is they have weekly and monthly contests for developers with real cash prizes for the highest rated games. I have found this to really ensure quality uploads on the site as developers have that extra incentive.

6) Expansion. To some this may not be a good thing but I find it is. They are growing big as you can imagine and are constantly getting deals with big name companies. Already they have a partnership with Gamestop and have some linkages between the two, as well as they have theme games sometimes for companies such as Doritos and  sometimes other big console games such as L.A. Noir. 

So there you have it. 6 reasons why Kongregate is easily the best place to get your flash game fix. 


  1. i have never used kongregat.
    i might have to now, because of your review :)

  2. Always loved good flash games, I'll check it thanks

  3. great idea for a blog, will be following closely!

  4. Will check it out when I've got some free time; new blog is looking fiiine, btw.

  5. I have played a game like Post It Draw It with friends before. However it was in java and very shitty. I'm glad to see they're offering a flash version!

  6. will have to check Kongregate out.

  7. I gotta agree with you. Out of the many flash sites there are, Kongregate is a good one that stands out. The leveling and ranking up on the site is a neat feature as are the contests. The games are of high quality, bugs are quickly relatively quickly and the community is kind and responsive. Definitely check out Kongregate!