Monday, August 1, 2011

FlashMush Challenge Week #1 Endless Zombie Rampage

You're all in for a treat! Starting something new that I hope will turn big, make my blog more user interactive, as well as offering services to you, my followers and readers. So what is FlashMush Challenge Week? Essentially, starting today, on every Monday I will post a free online flash game in which you can gauge your performance in a high score. Then, you can play that game and try and get the highest score on FlashMush for a whole week as I'll close off entries on the next Monday which is when I'll post a new game to play.

But wait there's more! I know that just the general competition factor isn't going to be enough for all of you to want to participate in this, so I'll have a prize! What's the prize? Well, for now it's going to be a featured spot on my blog for one week. In one week I average around 10,000 views. With this traffic potentially redirecting to your blog and plus seo backlink perks and general advertisement, I really think this is a great prize for aspiring bloggers and old bloggers a like.

FlashMush Challenge #1 Endless Zombie Rampage

Link: Endless Zombie Rampage
Genre: Zombie Shooter


Must play Defense Mode.
Must submit a screenshot or other proof of score
Cannot use/buy Overkill or Bloodlust perks.
Multiple tries are permitted.
A lot of this is based off Honor Code, no cheating!
Have fun!


1. A70 8Trac - 1324
2. Kingmush - 371
3. Mike - 239

For your convenience play Endless Zombie Rampage here:

Find more free online flash games at


  1. I stink at this zombie game :(

  2. Try anyways! =p But also note that each week will be a different game with a different style of gameplay. Not all will be Zombie shooters.

  3. I suck at this game haha

  4. It's all good. =p Also, guess I should mention eventually I'd like to do second and third place prizes as well.

  5. I'm too embarrassed to take a screenshot of my score... going to end to practice quite a bit if I want to win this contest!

  6. DAMN I got to 287 then I got killed. Such a good game though

  7. I already sent my link to you, so why am I not on the leaderboard?

  8. Sorry A70, I didn't keep it at the time D:

  9. 45 Kills, not really my kind of game ._.

  10. I don't think I would be any good

  11. I got to 156 kills and then lost :(. When theres a pileup of dead bodies I found it hard to see the people to kill.

  12. Nice game, cool sound effects and lots of weapons. I'm pretty sure I've already seen a similar zombie-survival 2d flash game somewhere. Quite a popular genre, I guess.