Sunday, June 19, 2011

FlashMush Game Review: Learn to Fly 2

Link: Learn to Fly 2
Developer:  light_bringer777
Genre: Distance
Kongregate Rating: 4.71/5
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

You'll notice this ranked pretty high on Kongregate's rating, in fact as of writing this it's the highest rated game on Kongregate of all time. Of course it's a fairly new one so it could change, but still worth noting.

In case you don't know Learn to Fly 1 or the Distance genre, it's where you launch or whatever something to see how far you can go, usually using ridiculous methods and upgrades. This one is no different. You're a penguin, trying to fly out of this icy world of his using rockets, sleds and hang gliders. Sounds just silly enough to work.

Learn to Fly 2 Medals

At a glance, this game is really good. The typical distance/launch formula is there, flawlessly, have a great variety of upgrades to choose from (different tracks for each as well), good graphics and a pseudo storyline. This all plays very well. I also loved the detail they put into it all. With the black market shop, how different upgraded gliders have different stat bar looks, etc. Lot of work went into this game.

However, I just can't help but shake some things. This time Learn to Fly 2 sort of took a different direction, a goal oriented type of play. To "win" storymode you have to destroy five obstacles, the last one being "The Wall". Sound similar? Burrito Bison perhaps? And I know that you can't always be completely original in anything but this is hard to shake. Especially when for the time, Burrito Bison did the destroy obstacle idea first, the best, and with style. Learn to Fly 2 attempts to do it but just seems to be an annoyance, even though it fits with the storyline.

Overall a great launcher game, and worthy successor to the Learn to Fly series. Just wish they either stuck to their tried formula or came up with some new ideas on their own.

ArcadeCellar brings you a video walkthrough to get full medals in Learn to Fly 2:


  1. I remember the first one to this, and Burrito Bison :D clearly I have too little to do xD

  2. These games are simple, but addictive! :D

  3. Thanks for posting this KingMush! Hope you guys enjoy the video, we will be coming out with more periodically, still getting the hang of it!

    Lean to Fly 2 is an extremely popular flash game and it's one of my favorite distance games.

  4. No problem Vince W. It was a great medal walkthrough!