Thursday, June 23, 2011

FlashMush Game Review: Skinny

Link: Skinny
Developer: wittyhobos
Genre: Art/Platformer
Kongregate Rating: 3.90/5
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

 Skinny is an interesting game, while it is heavy in platforming I'd still consider it an art game due to the message and atmosphere it creates. It is, however, atypical of most art games due to it having pretty good graphics, and the platforming is more advanced than usual.

The game storyline is pretty confusing actually, which is perfect for an artistic game. What I get from it is there is sort of a Matrix type thing going on and people have been turned into robotic slaves. You are a "skinny" robot who is tasked by "Mother" to go around the world, helping other robots get their batteries back. After each level of collecting batteries, you get a new power up which is used in the next level.

Now I loved the storyline, I thought it was well done, fairly creepy actually and mysterious. I also really liked the graphics, I thought it fit the game quite well and reminded me of the game Little Wheel (another robotic platforming game). The powerups were also quite well done and fit the levels well and were pretty uniquely done.

However, I felt the controls were difficult and the powerups had a slightly steep learning curve. The levels were also pretty linear and the premise of collecting and just using the powerups mainly in the level preceding got pretty bland quickly.

Play Skinny here:


  1. Seems like everyone is trying to do the 'unique graphics' combined with platforming nowadays. Oh well, I enjoy most of them.

  2. Sounds interesting, you could add some screenshots or maybe some video even.

  3. Seems interesting enough, these little oddball games are usually really fun too :]

  4. I just played a little bit of it, it was very..unique lol. I like the coloring, and the dialogue is pretty weird haha