Monday, June 27, 2011

FlashMush Game Reviews: Cardboard Box Assembler

Link: Cardboard Box Assembler
Developed by Fernando Ramallo and Miguel Ángel Perez Martínez
Sponsored by AdultSwimGames
Genre: Puzzle
Kongregate Rating: 3.96/5
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

Don't let the developer throw you off. Adult Swim makes great games. Most people know they made Robot Unicorn Attack but that's usually all they know, but in fact Adult Swim makes some great games. They are always crazy, well done graphically and gameplay wise and usually quite addicting as you can attest with Robot Unicorn Attack.

Cardboard Box Assembler is no different. At the bare minimum it's a puzzle game which takes place on a 3-D cube, you have to find the exit by walking around the cube and it gets very confusing very fast. Kind of hard to explain so I say try it out. But beyond that, Cardboard Box Assembler is a well polished gem. You have the overlay of great graphics and menus, which give it that professional feel. A great and funny storyline that actually has cut scenes embedded within. As well as goals and secrets throughout the game.

Now while I actually have played a game which plays similar to this before, this game blows that one out of the water with all the extra features they have packed in and just the overall more polished look of it.

So if you're looking for a challenging puzzle game that will warp your mind in ways you didn't think were possible, then try out Cardboard Box Assembler.


  1. A cardboard box puzzler? This I have to try.

  2. This looks a bit weird but interesting!
    Im gonna try this out!
    Nice review!

  3. Interesting game. That's my evening ruined! lol

  4. Ahahah! I am playing it now. I really love that kinds of graphics. They reminds me kinda like paper mario or something

  5. Adult Swim Games doesn't develop games.
    This game was developed by Fernando Ramallo and Miguel Ángel Perez Martínez.
    Robot Unicorn Attack was developed by Spiritonin Media Games.

    I can't blame you for not knowing, though. It's kind of sad that Adult Swim doesn't list the developers on their own site. Even just a small mention under the instructions tab would be nice for people like me who are curious and like to follow certain developers.

  6. @Vigourousjammer- This review is early on in my flash game reviewing career. I know now the difference between developer and sponsors. All my current reviews from the past year and more should be right. I'll edit this one though.