Friday, June 3, 2011

Insectonator: Zombie Mode Flash Game Review

Link: Insectonator: Zombie Mode
Developer: FlyAnvil
Genre: Zombie Shooter
Kongregate Rating: 4.38/5
FlashMush Rating: 6.5/10

If the name Insectonator rings a bell then you pretty much know what the game is about. As Insectonator: Zombie Mode is essentially Insectonator but, you guessed it, with zombies instead of the insects.

The game plays fairly straightforward, you have different modes of killing zombies. Either Annihilator in which you kill all the zombies on the map. Killer in which you kill specified zombies a la assassin style. Selectioner where you have to kill certain types of zombies in a certain quantity. And new to Zombie Mode is a style paying homage to Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems is a mode called Don't Touch My Gems in which you can't let the zombies drag your gems off stage. All these modes are really good as they give adequate variety to an otherwise simple minded game.

The other big draw in these games is the amount of weapons and achievements. You start out with just one simple weapon and as you accomplish various achievements you earn new weapons. These make the game really fun as using items from a basketball to a nuke on zombies is pretty awesome. And as you know, achievements in games for me makes everything better. I also really liked the next level of polishing they did for Zombie Mode. They added a few secrets with cool cut scenes and openings.

However, I do have some gripes with the game itself and I do think this "sequel" being Zombie Mode brought about some new problems.

First, a generic problem would be the game focuses a lot on unnecessary grinding. Some achievements are fun and unique, but most are just "Kill 3000 zombies with a grenade". Which is all fine and dandy till you realize a grenade only really kills 2-3 zombies at a time... You do the math. What makes it more annoying is there are better weapons that can quicken some of these achievements but they are unlocked by getting the achievement! And once you get it...well you don't really need to use it anymore.

Secondly, this is specific to the Zombie Mode issue. They implemented a "double-tap" system (although sometimes quadruple tap). Where for big/boss zombies if you shoot them they just fall down and you have to shoot them a few more times to kill them. This is all good in terms of pseudo realism or at least Zombieland references but it does get fairly annoying, especially when over half the zombies do this. Makes it hard to rack up kill streaks which makes it hard to get certain achievements.

Lastly, specific to Zombie Mode is the enemy variety. There is little. In the original where you were shooting bugs, they had all types of bugs. But now with Zombies there is none... There is four different zombies (of which there is only eight or so) that their only difference is the shade of their clothing. And not different shades like red vs blue but like yellow vs slightly darker yellow. I just feel like FlyAnvil dropped the ball on this when they could have taken cues from so many other zombie games (flash and console) that have a nice variety of enemies. Going off of this, they also seemed to cut down on both amount of weapons and achievements in Zombie Mode which I always think is bad to remove features for a sequel rather than add them.

Overall, this is a very addicting game, don't get me wrong. You will sit for hours shooting zombies in this game...but at the end you may wonder to yourself why...

Play Insectonator: Zombie Mode here:

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And play the original Insectonator here:


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