Monday, June 13, 2011

SpeedRunner Flash Game Review

Link: SpeedRunner
Developer: Caspervanest
Genre: Runner
Kongregate Rating: 3.55/5
FlashMush Rating: 6/10

First "runner" game I'm reviewing. If you don't know what that genre is, well it's a fairly new type of gameplay that has exploded recently with games like Canabalt. It just consists of you running, jumping, and whatever else the developer wants in a straight line trying to escape from certain destruction.

SpeedRunner is a tad different. I guess I could call it a Runner Platform as you have to run from point A to point B, in a given time limit as well. But in later levels it's not just a straight line, you have to wall jump, use grappling hooks, climb, etc. This style makes Speedrunner more than your typical runner game but it's this added controls that takes away from the addicting simplicity of most runner games. Especially when you get down to it, the controls for SpeedRunner aren't the smoothest. There is also points in some levels where if you make a mistake you lose instantly or have to take long detours, furthering the frustration and each time diminishing the addictive qualities.

But, if there's one thing SpeedRunner does right it is looks and story line. Most runner games don't have a story line and are fairly simple graphics, which might go hand in hand with what I said above but these two things don't affect actual gameplay. SpeedRunner has a great comic book style, and comic book style story line sequences. These make the game feel more grand than it actually is and gives a sense of epicness.

So while SpeedRunner isn't that addictive as most Runner games out there, it's ok enough for a run through to see if you can complete it. And the graphics are a nice touch.

Play SpeedRunner here:

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  1. Awesome game ! it reminds me of that movie " Flash " i really like the Grappling hook makes me feel like Spiderman :D going to rock it again like the others Muhaha :P

  2. Oh god, this is so fun. Playing it right now.

  3. this game looks pretty cool ill check it out now :D

  4. I have played this and it is addicting. Luckily I can't play it at work or I probably would have spent another hour on it.

  5. Game's pretty fun. Nice Runner genre.

  6. Looks good, plus he looks like a friendlier version of Batman.

  7. Looks nice gonna check that game out.