Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stunt Crazy Flash Game Review

Link: Stunt Crazy
Developer: ThePodge
Genre: Physics/Destruction
Kongregate Rating: 3.71/5
Kingmush Rating: 6/10

Decided to review a fairly new game (uploaded to Kongregate just yesterday). Stunt Crazy is an interesting game, and I will say it is quite unique. The premise of it is you are a stunt car driver "hired" to do crazy stunts for various movies. To complete a level you have to run your car off a ramp and try and get various movie reels. In this process you also want to collect coins, stars and destroy buildings. All of these increase your fame level as well as help buy upgrades later.

This is where the game shines. In the overall story-esqe way of how each level is a different movie and you have to earn fame to get new movie deals. Also there is a very loose story line or tie ins to it in which you get rated by a newspaper headline after each level telling how the fans and critics liked that particular movie. I thought that was very well done and unique.

Other parts where Stunt Crazy shines is in the actual physics. This game is by the same creators as the City Siege games and uses the same physics engine which I honestly think is one of the best for flash games and produces some nice results. However, there are lots of other problems with the actual gameplay that bogs down my rating.

For one the actual controlling of the car is spotty and not as smooth as it should be. This leaves the game really frustrating you at times as you can't get a certain thing as you try and try. The upgrade system could also have been polished more. Not only is there a few typos in the listings but there isn't much diversity. Only around five different things and two of them, even when maxed out, barely did anything or had no real use at all. This just really brings down replay value.

Overall a decent distraction, and the destruction with the physics engine can be fun for a little bit, but no real lasting appeal.

Play Stunt Crazy here:


  1. Lol, although it didn't get a great review, i'd still play it.

  2. So it's kind of like a side-scrolling's alright.

  3. @RC- That's actually a pretty good way of describing it now that I think about it.

  4. fun little game, not sure about the replay value for me though

  5. Epic game, keep posting, I liked the zombie one.