Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flash Game Review: ShellShock Live

Link: ShellShock Live
Developer: kChamp
Genre: Multiplayer Artillery
Kongregate Rating: 4.36/5
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

Artillery games are a rising trend in free online flash games I feel, especially when combined with multiplayer. ShellShock Live is probably my favorite artillery game yet, and favorite multiplayer artillery game as well.

What makes ShellShock Live my favorite artillery flash game is easily the amount of features offered. And by features I mean all the different weapons you have. This isn't your mama's artillery game with just boring single shot guns. ShellShock Live has so many weapons that can do almost anything you want. Perfect for trick shots to show the other team how pro you are. You have your normal, boring single shot guns, but then you have shots that bounce around the map, some that dig down, sniper shots, the list goes on and on...literally. On top of this, to help greatly with replay value, ShellShock Live employs a great level up and then unlock system to unlock different weapons as well as map packs to use.

The multiplayer part is also very well done. First off when you play online there is people. It's not a dead zone game, I always see full rooms around always play in a full room as well. The features of multiplayer are great as well. The creator of  the room has lots of control over the features; amount of people, map, amount of randomness, weapon restrictions, again the list goes on and on. Also with a very nice in game chat system, ShellShock Live's multiplayer part easily makes it a great game.

Play ShellShock Live here:

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