Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flash Games Review: Mr. Vengeance Act 1

Link: Mr Vengeance Act 1
Developer: tmifx
Genre: Shooter
Kongregate Rating: 3.71/5
FlashMush Rating: 6.5/10

While I listed Mr. Vengeance Act 1 as a shooter, and it is one, it's a on rails type shooter which are becoming more prevalent in the flash game universe and are actually a favorite genre of mine. If you don't know what this is, basically all you do is shoot. You don't move, the character moves for you automatically. If you've read my reviews on Skinny or Alphaland you know one of my all time favorite genres is art/story games. I view rail shooters as just that. Story shooters.

Mr. Vengeance is no exception, it follows a man who vows to get revenge after a gang killed his wife and daughter. You then infiltrate the gang and..well gets his revenge. In all honesty the story isn't the best. I found it kind of confusing and the whole story was pretty short, although I do realize it's only Act 1. Graphic wise it was ok. It utilized stick figures which isn't an automatically minus for me as you can have very nice games, especially of this genre, using stick figures. Just look at the whole Sift Head series. I will say Mr. Vengeance still did alright, variety of weapons, enemies were set up right. The only thing that really made me angry in the whole game was the final boss fight. Every other enemy could be taken down in a few shots...realistic (to an extent) but this boss took seriously all my ammo in my full automatic uzi. His attacks were also impossible to block just about...

Overall, Mr. Vengeance Act 1 isn't a bad rail shooter. It gets the job done and I will play the next Acts in hope it gets better and to finish up the story, but guess I've just been spoiled with the masterpieces that is the Sift Head series.

Play Mr. Vengeance, Act 1 here:

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  1. pretty alright shooter for a flash game. One of the only flash first person shooters I have seen.

  2. Now this looks like my kind of flash game!
    I love shooters in flash for some reason

  3. seems like a decent flash game

  4. This looks like the type of game to play when you're tokin' it up ;D

  5. agree with cheshire, not sure I'd play this sober :D

  6. does anyone happen to know the name of the background music? Im so obsessed with it XP