Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FlashMush Game Review: Snailiad

Link: Snailiad
Developer: Auriplane
Genre: Platformer
Kongregate Rating: 4.03/5
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

Want a retro feeling game? Then Snailiad is your game. This game is chocked full of retro allusions. From the 8-bit music, 8-bit graphics, retro game references like to the original Zelda and Metroid games. Snailiad has it all.

As a platformer this game is very good. It has the typical platformer themes such as central location, around four different "worlds" of typical water, ice, fire, etc. Has the upgrades to your weapons and other abilities, as well as secret things to find such as heart containers and other little surprises. It's in this aspect Snailiad excels. There is loads of items to find and they are hidden quite well for a platformer game although it's mainly due to being able to destroy most walls which while a cool effect...makes some things difficult and can be annoying. The types of items you get are also kind of cool and unique...well one of them was. One item you get is a gravity "shell" which I think is pretty unique for a platformer like this. But basically you use it and can fly in any direction.

The developer also did a pretty good job polishing it up and going for those extra touches. Adding NPCs is a great way to do this, but adding NPCs which change what they say after each boss battle in a free online flash game like this is even better. Also all the references I mentioned earlier show homage to those great games and are really clever. From the typical "It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Please Take This" Zelda reference when you get your first pea shooter, to how you have to open doors with the right gun as in Metroid along with getting your upgrades in Snail versions of the Chozo Statues. Snailiad is a great tribute game.

So why only a 7.5? Well... A few reasons. I personally thought the controls were a bit awkward and it could have been passable but the way some of the levels and boss fights were set up made for extremely frustrating times. Also while I loved the 8-bit graphics, for some reason the boss battles didn't have that same feel but instead felt like MS paint drawings from my 4 year old cousin. I also think for the weapons he took the "oh-so-ever-getting-popular" idea of random equals good. Which is not the case... Random equals bad. For instance, the first weapon you get is a pea shooter, ok...I can pass that. Then you get a boomerang...wait what? Next you get a rainbow gun! Completely ridiculous and I feel it further cheapens it along with the MS paint moments.

But again, great tribute game in a flash game format and it's still a pretty solid platformer in itself, check it out.

Play Snailiad here:

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  1. I like the Iliad theme (at least I think that's what the name is based on lol) the artwork is pretty awesome.
    Hours of time lost, here I come!

  2. AHah. A game about Snails... I've seen it all. Need to give this one a try, I'm a sucker for retro, I think I play as much in the NES emulator as I do in last gen games

  3. This game is awesome keep these up I love playing them :D

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  5. Haha, snails. Aren't they a bit slow?

  6. This looks like a very odd game :p But I might just enjoy it...

  7. Hahaha, looks silly and fun!

  8. I played this gamr and loved it! Its full of 8-bit goodness and the boss battles were fun and interesting. I loved the soundtrack because each soundtrack set the right mood for each area. Loved the game!!!