Sunday, July 3, 2011

FlashMush Game Review: Villainous

Link: Villainous
Developer: Rete
Genre: Tower Attack
Kongregate Rating: 4.53/5
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

You may have read the genre tag and thought, "Tower...Attack? Not Tower Defense?" That is right, a new emerging genre is out there I like to call Tower Attack. As the name implies, it's the opposite of Tower Defense games. In these types of flash games you send out enemies on a set track and try not to die by various towers attacking you, instead of the other way around.

Now this is a fairly new genre, or at least finally picking up steam, and I must say Villainous does it extremely well. I've played others that are almost painful to play due to various reasons whether it be the pace, difficulty or what have you. Villainous does it right.

The way you play Villainous is very simple. You have a variety of eight different units you can deploy and three spells you can use to help you. The goal is to get your units to the town at the end of the road in which you need to raid it. However, you can only raid with one type of unit who happens to be fairly weak so you have to be smart and pair it with other units such as Healers or Shields. You can then upgrade your units to be better and so forth.

Villainous has a nice difficulty curve which is usually a huge problem in games. They lay the foundation out for you in the tutorial levels and it steadily gets harder every level, the way it should be. Villainous is also fairly fast paced as you have a nice, handy speed button at your disposal.

Another awesome part of Villainous is the upgrade system, to put it simply it is one of the best and most unique I've ever seen. It is in a branching tree style where you buy one and it unlocks more you can buy. Well, the way they did it here is the upgrade system represents your "Castle". You start out with just a cave essentially and as you upgrade your castle actually grows. You''ll start seeing towers be built up and such. Really made me want to get all the upgrades to see the finished castle. The same setup is for the achievements as well. You start with an empty throne room and as you get achievements decorations start appearing.

Overall, I'd say Villainous is a great game. Very nice looking, smoothly done, loads to accomplish in it and best of all, extremely addicting.

Play Villainous here:

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  1. Well that's an interesting new concept... I love tower defense games and should give this one a try, thanks!

  2. Oh nice. I'll have to try this game

  3. Game looks pretty cool, might go check it out

  4. Upgrade system does look interesting.

  5. Yeah fun to be on the other side of that concept. I'd like to give it a try