Friday, August 19, 2011

Cyclomaniacs 2 Flash Game Review

Link: Cyclomaniacs 2
Developer: turboNuke
Genre: Racing
Kongregate Rating: 4.45/5
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

TurboNuke is back with the sequel to Cyclomaniacs, if you don't recognize turboNuke's name in the flash gaming industry...well I'm sure you've played his games and just don't realize. He makes some of the best and unique games out there, I put him in the same tier as Nerdook.

Anyways. Cyclomaniacs 2 is of course a sequel game but that doesn't mean it's bad. In fact Cyclomaniacs is truly a proper sequel. It adds loads of new features to an already featured loaded series. At it's simplest form, the Cyclomaniacs' format is a generic racing game. You choose a wacky character (and I mean wacky, having a fish racing on a skateboard is the norm here) and then race a course. On the course you want to do flips and other tricks to increase your boost bar which, you guessed it, gives you a boost so you can win the race! Of course when you win the race you earn money which you can use to upgrade your stats so you can go faster or pull of tricks easier. Also a big part of the format in Cyclomaniacs is goals. Each race has usually two goals. Most of the time it's just to finish the race but some times you have to do a certain amount of tricks or other things. Completing these goals unlocks new characters to play as as well as progresses the storyline further and therefore unlocks new maps.

Other features Cyclomaniacs 2 brings to the table is a full on interactive in-game menu. Within this menu you of course can choose your next race and upgrade your character, but also there are three different mini games to play as well as a variety of stats to read. Cyclomaniacs 2 offers so much. You literally have over thirty different characters to choose from, loads of maps to play in and of course all the goals to complete. Along with the mini games, this game will keep you occupied for a long time.

However, every good game is going to have some short comings. In the case of Cyclomaniacs 2 in comes in the form of difficulty. I found this to be a problem with the original too but some of the goals and levels are plain old impossible to complete. I also would like to see minor stats changes between each individual character. I feel this would make the game have a more strategic variable, which therefore could make some goals easier or harder, as well as just make the game even more in depth which it already is quite a bit.