Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The End Flash Game Review

Link: The End
Developer: ChannelFour
Genre: Platformer/Puzzle
Kongregate Rating: 3.74/5
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

From the same creators as Sweatshop comes another great and incredibly detailed flash game. This time ChannelFour brings to the table a hodge podge of game concepts. Combining an artistic style with the familiar platformer genre isn't too far fetched, but then they throw in a puzzle concept and therefore The End is truly a mix and match up game.

First thing you will notice about this game is the graphics. They are absolutely stunning. You start off fully customizing your avatar and from that menu screen alone you will recognize that this isn't your grandma's flash game. All the graphics are hand drawn with lots of focus on the details. The game is also very colorful in it's graphics which go well with the crazy level design as it essentially is taking place in one's mind (I think).

The premise of The End is quite unique. As I said above it's an art platformer game. You've heard me before on games such as Alphaland in which I talk about how most art games employ a very simple graphic system, already you can tell this is not the case with The End. The art aspect of the game is very well done. Basically in the beginning of the game you die and go...somewhere. You then go through various levels corresponding with various spiritual aspects in order to get "death objects". However, a really cool part of the game is before each boss battle you are asked a very philosophical question such as "Do you think you should be able to choose your death?" Very hard hitting and thought provoking questions. Your answers to these questions also affect your gameplay.

Notice how I mentioned boss battles above? Yep... remember how I've listed this as a puzzle game as well? Well this is where that comes in. After you complete each platforming level you face a boss. The way you do this is in a puzzle form. Basically you have these cards with three sides with a number on each side. You play these cards on a table with your opponent trying to turn his cards into your card's color. You do this by lining up your numbers with his numbers and of course the higher the number the better. The game gets of course harder with increasing levels but also more interesting with the introduction of power ups.

However, now time for me to talk about some of the negative things... Really the biggest problem I have with The End is the pacing. For one, you have long loading screens, which don't bode well for me. But on top of that I find the controls to be very slow, you walk very slow, you climb verrrry slow. You get the picture. As minor an issue as this seems, it's actually quite huge to me as if I'm walking around so slowly it affects how I do the platforming puzzles and just generally isn't a good time for me.

Overall though, The End is a great example of how one can still be very unique in today's flash gaming world, and I do urge all to give it a go!


  1. This actually sounds pretty fantastic. Puzzle bosses sound like an original idea, although I'm an impatient person for games, and slow walking drives me crazy :( Still, it's worth a go!

  2. i just wanted to say thanks to knigmush, i love this blog and the reviews are spot on, i look forward to every time this gets updated


  3. Looks pretty good. You can't be the only person with that complaint so hopefully they'll fix that soon.

  4. Nice graphics and really coolm game, definitely :P

  5. Lol, knigmush... wats up my knigga!