Saturday, August 27, 2011

Escape From Puppy Death Factory Flash Game Review

Link: Escape From Puppy Death Factory
Developer: AdultSwimGames
Genre: Platformer/Puzzle
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

Another game from AdultSwimGames and you know they make some pretty awesome games, the last one I reviewed was Cardboard Box Assembler. Now out comes Escape From Puppy Death Factory which combines the all so popular genre of platformer and puzzle.

What you first see when you start up this game is the great graphics. They are kind of cartoony but very cute...I mean the title has Puppy in it! The second thing you should notice is a nice homage to the Metroid series. That's right Escape From Puppy Death Factory takes heavily from the Metroid series, not that this is a bad thing, in a flash game I think having a little bit of a homage to a retro game is nice. What exact Metroid features do they use? First off when you arrive at the level you are flying in a dog themed space ship that looks exactly like Samus' spaceship. Also your main weapon is an arm cannon. The last bit is the huge map really feels like the huge maps that Metroid has.

So you can probably guess how the platforming bit works in Escape From Puppy Death Factory, it's really nothing different. What makes this game really unique is more so the puzzle aspects of it. This game's whole puzzle "gimmick" if you will is based on using the arm cannon to "swap" yourself with various items. I know it sounds weird and hard to visualize but if you play the game it's actually quite an easy aspect in terms of controls but can make for some very challenging puzzles.

In fact I think some of the puzzles are way too challenging way too early in the game. And while usually I chalk this up to be a pretty negative aspect in games and to be fair I did knock this game down a little bit for that, I didn't do it as much as usual due to the uniqueness of the puzzles.

Overall Escape From Puppy Death Factory is a great game visually and offers a unique puzzling opportunity.

Play Escape From Puppy Death Factory here:


  1. Seems like a game made for PeTA members.

  2. I saw this, but was put off by the low Armor Games rating. Thanks for shedding some light on it, it may be challenging but that makes me want to play it more :D