Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flight Flash Game Review

Link: Flight
Developer: ArmorGames
Genre: Distance
Kongregate Rating: 4.42/5
FlashMush Rating: 9.5/10

Decided to review one of my favorite distance games for today. Flight is a fairly recent addition to the distance or launch games, following such classics as Kitten Cannon, Toss the Turtle, and even Burrito Bison and Goin Up to certain extents.

Where Flight is different, however, is in the presentation. Unlike the other games were you either have a cannon shooting a random animal, or just launching yourself from some type of propulsion system. Flight goes a different route which is quite ingenious. Paper airplanes!  See, the "story line" of this game and notice I use that lightly, is basically you're trying to throw a paper airplane across the world. You start out with the typical boring paper airplane design and with the presence of a great upgrade system can change your design to more aerodynamic designs as well as other power ups. One great thing about this game which just adds in another great element into the gameplay is to launch your paper airplane you actually have to pick it up and sort of do a mouse gesture akin to actually throwing a paper airplane.

What furthermore makes Flight one of my favorite free online flash distance games is just the amount of work you can see in it. You first notice this just from the main menu. The graphics on this game are outstanding! The colors fit so well together, and really pop out out you. Combined with the seemingly hand drawn images and these graphics are a contender for best flash game graphics I've ever seen. Also, as I mentioned above, the actual upgrade system present is one of the best I've seen as well. It covers everything you could possibly need as well as it's pretty unique in that way that you actually physically change your plane design.

So as you can see, Flight is an amazing game and easily one of the best online distance flash games and could be one of the best in terms of time and effort put in, as it really shows.

Play Flight here:

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  1. I played it a while ago, addicting as hell hahaha

  2. I play this a while back too, really fun game. Played it for a while.

  3. This is really fun if you're sort of bored or stuck at your grandma's house where her comps dont have Oblivion or anything. :D

  4. Wow, that is awesome, playing it right now

  5. Love things like this, going to play it now :D

  6. I like these game reviews, because unlike console games, I can play these right away if they look good.

  7. I jest realized I can put comments on blogspot. Hello World!