Sunday, August 28, 2011

Frantic Frigates Flash Game Review

Link: Frantic Frigate
Developer: BerzerkStudio
Genre: Arcade Shooter
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

Feeling like a pirate today? Well go and play some Frantic Frigate! Although to be totally fair not quite sure if the game is really about pirates, but we'll pretend. Notice I labeled this an arcade shooter...although to be honest it's quick a new take on the arcade shooter genre.

What I mean by this is you have the basic arcade shooter standards down. You're auto shooting controls, countless enemies, upgrade system and boss battles. But what makes it unique is hinted at in the name. Most arcade shooters are space themed, or slime or pixel themed, such as Droid Assult and Pixel Purge. However, in Frantic Frigate it's slightly different, mainly in the controls. You sort of have to drag your ship around like you're plotting a course for a ship. Also I do like how you have treasure chests appear on the screen which you have to break open in order to get extra points. But other than that the game plays like a run of the mill arcade shooter game. Of course not saying this is bad.

But what is bad is kind of the lack of detail... I've played some games by BerzerkStudio before and I quite liked them and thought they were great games. But this game...while good and addicting for a little bit. Really could have used that extra level of fines to turn this from a good game to a great game. Things that could have been added are more variety in enemies and boss battles (in terms of attack usages).

Overall though, Frantic Frigates is a nice game to tithe you over for a while!


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