Saturday, August 6, 2011

Not to Scale Flash Game Review

Link: Not to Scale
Developer: RandomDragoon
Genre: Puzzle
Kongregate Rating: 4.11/5
FlashMush Rating:  5/10

Ready for a new puzzle game? Not to Scale brings a unique idea to the puzzle genre table. It's a very simple concept where there is a picture in various squares and you have to rearrange the pieces to make the right picture. The thing is each square has a different distortion level, this makes for a unique puzzle game and pretty mind bending.

This is where Not to Scale succeeds. The game idea is a unique concept, one that I haven't seen before in my years of playing free online flash games. It's also actually a pretty challenging concept. However.. for the game to be really good in my eyes, a lot of work needs to be done.

For one the whole graphical interface is pretty rudimentary. The actual puzzle pictures are just seemingly random pictures found from Google image search and the rest of the menus have that Microsoft Paint feel. I feel that if he took some time to make the menu systems look more presentable and custom made, plus actually drawing the puzzle pictures himself this game could be a top notch puzzle genre defining game. But the way it is's lacking bit time.

Play Not to Scale here:

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  1. Nice game i will try this game it at home !!

  2. Played it, feels kinda, dunno... meh :<
    But not generic flashgame #1231, indeed.

  3. I'd agree with your rating, although maybe 4/10 instead...

    It just felt very boring,a new idea but that didn't make it a fun one :(

  4. wow damn that game i couldn't get passed the tomatoes lol! kool game though

  5. Not that bad. I found that game quite relaxing... until I got to the flower leve. Out of the sudden - I decided to stop playing. 6/10 in my opinion.