Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rubble Trouble New York Flash Game Review

Link: Rubble Trouble New York
Developer: Nitrome
Genre: Puzzle/Destruction
Kongregate Rating: 3.71/5
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Rubble Trouble New York sounds like a cheesy wrestling game but on the contrary it's actually a pretty well done demolition puzzle game. I've seen this genre of games surge up recently. Basically you have a building or some structure which you have to destroy using a limited amount of bombs, dynamite, whatever. Rubble Trouble New York is no different in terms of general gameplay but it then goes above and beyond the others.

First main difference which separates Rubble Trouble New York from the rest of the pack is the presence of a pretty nice graphic system. It combines semi 8-bit graphics with general polished cartoony graphics, making a really appealing game. Another great thing I loved about Rubble Trouble New York was the inclusion of characters which carry the story line. Each level they tell you the rules of that level, provide some comic relief, and just give the level another layer of depth.

Rubble Trouble New York again goes over the rest of the demolition pack by greatly increasing your toolbox. Most demolition games I've played have you really only using one type of weapon; dynamite or some equivalent. Rubble Trouble New York has much more than just one. They have the typical dynamite like weapon, but also cannons, missiles, helicopter wrecking balls, cranes, the list goes on and on and these really leave the levels a fair bit of open endedness. Also Rubble Trouble New York provides a variety of buildings and their materials, again giving the game more depth and replay value.

The big problem with Rubble Trouble New York, however, is actually the level design. Some levels are quite hard as they are designed poorly. For example in one level a building was shaped like a funnel with an opening at the very top. This building was surrounded by buildings that if hit you lose the level. Your only weapon is the cannon ball which you have to control power and angle. Very hard to control honestly and to make it harder, the shot bounces around... To me this is a example of a pretty bad level design as it's basically luck based rather than a puzzle or even a skill level.


  1. awesome, i love those kinda games!!

  2. Awesome looking game, very detailed and well-written blog! keep it up!