Saturday, August 20, 2011

Test Subject Blue Flash Game Review

Link: Test Subject Blue
Developer: Nitrome
Genre: Platformer
Kongregate Rating: 3.70/5
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Reviewing another game by Nitrome for today, sort of turning into the developer I review the most as I've reviewed Rubble Trouble New York and Steamlands by Nitrome. Test Subject Blue is the latest game to come out of the firm's brilliant mind.

Test Subject Blue is a pretty interesting platformer. Basically they do sort of a Portal theme in which you're a test subject going through different experiments. Except you're not a person with portal guns but rather a blue enzyme which is being tested by a scientist. There really is nothing malicious going on with the storyline, just a nice storyline. I do love how, as with Rubble Trouble New York and Steamlands, they paid a lot of attention to detail. An example of this would that for each level you're actually injected into a test tube by the scientist and then you can see the scientist through the beaker's class taking notes. Also the way they introduce the levels are great, as it is essentially diary entries by the scientist.

As for the actual's ok. The platforming challenges are fairly typical. A few times I got a feeling of some challenges like in VVVVVV. Not that I'm accusing them of copying anyone, the challenges while typical were done in their own spin and of course with their own great graphic system thrown in. However, the controls and gameplay are my biggest issue with the game. The blue enzyme you control is actually quite slow which makes the gameplay therefore slow... It's hard to dodge some enemies and also hard to jump on some platforms.

Overall though Test Subject Blue is another good game from Nitrome and a great addition to the platforming flash game genre.

Play Test Subject Blue here:


  1. Looks pretty cool. Might have to try it out. +followed

  2. looks very nice for a flash game :D

  3. I think i've played this game..or a very similar one. Anyways it was pretty fun ^^

  4. That thing reminds me of a marin. Thats a blue poring :D
    Poring, google it!

  5. Looks like an old-school platformer arcade. The graphics might have been better, but on the other hand - that gives a lot of this classic charm. I wish someone could make a flash remake of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. That would be interesting.