Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dead Metal Flash Game Review

Link: Dead Metal
Developer: HeroInteractive
Genre: Shooter
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

One of the big dogs in flash games just came out with a new game; Dead Metal. Borrowing heavily from the very successful Bubble Tanks series engine comes a game...quite similar to Bubble Tanks, go figure.

In fact if you've played Bubble Tanks 1 or 2 you pretty much know this game...except a tad more constricted. Where as in Bubble Tanks you are confined to bubbles but can leave those bubbles to venture deeper or as far as you want, in Dead Metal you're confined to essentially what is one bubble. The game also plays much like Bubble Tanks. You control one ship, against waves of enemies of varying sizes and weapon uses, you also then collect scrap metal much like you would collect bubbles in Bubble Tank. Now I know I'm comparing this game heavily to Bubble Tanks and while it is justifiable I will say a disclaimer. This isn't a bad thing. Bubble Tanks is one of my favorite games and I'm loving that this game plays so closely to it as it's almost like another extension of the series. But I do wish the game took the Bubble Tanks engine and made it more unique as you can see so many of the fundamental gameplay mechanisms seem straight out ported from  Bubble Tanks.

What makes this even worse is the fact that this game is almost like a poor man's Bubble Tanks. There is an upgrade system which is great but it's very linear and limited. Basically you can only upgrade your ship which is in nice increments of various prices. No upgrade tree like in Bubble Tanks or even custom ship design...which in a game called Dead Metal I would sort of have liked that and feel it would have gone with the name theme very well. The only real difference between Dead Metal and Bubble Tanks aside from aesthetics is that in Dead Metal you have a linear storyline and in Bubble Tanks it's free roam basically.

Now let's get to the aesthetics. Dead Metal is a gorgeous game. The graphics are amazing and very detailed. The characters are as well and everything has a nice sheen of detail and you can just tell a lot of hard work went into it. So it's a shame really that Dead Metal is already falling into the shadow cast by it's big brother Bubble Tanks.

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  1. Hey I was a metal head in the 80s, seems only natural I'd like it. BTW...made you new blog of the day.

  2. Gonna try it out, looks pretty cool:)!