Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dirk Valentine Flash Game Review

Link: Dirk Valentine
Developer: Nitrome
Genre: Platformer
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Another game by the legendary Nitrome. What's weird is I'll play a game, not looking at the developer, realize I love it or it's really good and decide to review it only to then find out it's another great score by Nitrome! If you don't know Nitrome but are an avid fan of my reviews here's just a few of Nitrome's games I've reviewed: SteamlandsTest Subject BlueSkywire, and Rubble Trouble New York. And now add Dirk Valentine to that list.

Dirk Valentine plays like any ole' platformer but has a very unique twist, which to be honest in today's market which is over saturated with platforming games you do need to have a unique twist or gimmick if you will. In Dirk Valentine's case it's that you create platforms using a gun, more specifically a chain gun. You can shoot certain platforms and a chain will connect to it from your first point which you can then walk across. Very simple concept, but it's the first platforming game I've seen pull it off in this direction. Also the general platforming challenges are also interesting. You have teleporters, pullys, and a variety of enemies.

Graphical wise Dirk Valentine is specially mentioned to be steampunk and looks akin to Steamlands. In fact, I almost want to wish that Nitrome would link all their games into some bizarre universe. Steamlands and Dirk Valentine go pretty hand in hand, and in fact the tutorial "scientist" guy looks quite similar to the professor from Test Subject Blue, so maybe I'm on to something here.

Where Dirk Valentine kind of faulters is the difficulty. For the first half of the game the levels are super easy. Pretty to look at and fun to play but very easy and kind of boring level design. Then it switches dramatically to more difficult levels in which dead end scenarios are frequent and generally just not a smooth transition.

Overall though Dirk Valentine is another smash hit from Nitrome and can't wait for more games by him!

Play Dirk Valentine here:


  1. Hm, looks pretty good but I'll have to pass at the time.

  2. Ahhhh, love Nitrome! Brings me back to my junior high days. Played the game already, too, but this review might make me go back.

    On a related note, ecstatic about the blog! Keep posting the awesome stuff. :)