Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Damage Flash Game Review

Link: Fall Damage
Developer: Tony
Genre: Action
FlashMush Rating: 6.5/10

It's not often you find a truly unique game. Now I know in most of my reviews I comment on uniqueness and whether or not I think a game is unique and a lot of times I say a game is only partially unique. This is not the case for Fall Damage. I truly believe this game just pioneered a new niche genre.

I guess it plays like such games as, Goin' Up, but only in the fact that you are traveling vertically against many obstacles. In Fall Damage the goal is to get as far down as you can without dying. You have four hearts and you take damage as you fall, so once you lose those four hearts you're done. Gameover. However, you can use parachutes (limited amount) or be smart about your descent. You can hug the walls to slow yourself and not take as much damage or of course just trying to "jump" (more like fall) from lower platform to lower platform.

Moreover this game is very appealing to the eyes. The graphics again remind me of Goin' Up or Toss the Turtle but without all the super crazy enemies and environment. Fall Damage also does a nice menu system. Basically you don't press Start to play, you just walk off the edge. I know it's a little feature and shouldn't mean much but just the thought into this and how different it is really makes an impact on me.

However, Fall Damage does have some problems. The big problem is how the screen moves down forcing you to think on your feet and keep moving. This in theory is good but it goes way too fast and makes the game too hectic and not fun at times. This also severely hurts the replay value as opposed to games such as Goin' Up. An easy fix would be to slow it down or even remove it all together, as it's kind of pointless even as a motivator. Also I think the game could benefit from more actual enemies and just general variety in the game itself.

Overall though, Fall Damage is a nice groundbreaking game. I hope to see more incarnations of it more polished and more addicting.

Play Fall Damage here:


  1. ha cool game im going to see what i can get on this flash game now