Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance Flash Game Review

Link: Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance
Developer: gmentat
Genre: Physics/Action
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

You're in for a treat if you love the Sieger game series as here comes a spin off game with the same great gameplay! If you're not familar with the Sieger games all you need to know is they are very comparable to the Crush the Castle series such as the Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack which I reviewed a while ago. And by comparable I mean you fire a shot to try and take down a castle. The only difference is that in Crush the Castle you actually launch the shot with a catapult and in the Sieger games (or this game, Siege Hero) you just point and click so it's more strategy than the skill of catapulting (both rely heavily on luck though).

With that out of the way I will say I love the series and I love the genre. So it's not a big surprise when I'll say I love this game. I love this game as it takes the tried and true method that gmentat perfected with his Sieger series and then just made it way more professional looking. The first clue you get is the amazing graphics. Everything is well done and polished to a T, definitely no complaints here. For this style of graphics, Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance may be my all time favorite. Also the menu screens are amazing and also the menus and info screens in game. By this I mean I just love the look. For the level selection menu screen it looks like an old timey brown treasure map that gets colored in and stamped upon completion. Likewise, the in game screens that show you your ammo (and what type) is just so well done and looks amazing.

Overall there really isn't much to critique with Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance as it's pretty much just a polished up level pack for the Sieger series, but that's exactly what people wanted.

Play Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance here: