Sunday, September 4, 2011

Skywire Flash Game Review

Link: Skywire
Developer: Nitrome
Genre: Action
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

Nitrome is back with yet another great game...well not really new but new to Kongregate and therefore I'm going to review it! Man do they churn out the games though, I've reviewed three games of theirs recently; Steamlands, Test Subject Blue, and Rubble Trouble New York which if you average those scores they get a solid 8 total in FlashMush ratings. Quite impressive.

Anyways, Skywire is their newest one and yet again they reinvent the flash game world. Skywire is a very unique game. Basically you control a skycart on a crazy linear track in the sky. You can only really move it forward and backwards and the goal is to get to the end without losing all three of your passengers. What would cause you to lose people? Toys! Their are vicious toys everywhere doing crazy things you have to dodge and time correctly to get your skycart through and to the finish line.

I really enjoyed Skywire due to the uniqueness of the game premise in general but they excelled in other aspects. Per usual, I loved the graphics but what's new. I always have loved Nitrome's graphics. The music for this game is also pretty nice, sort of a carnival 8-bit theme which goes along with the skycart and colorful toys and environment.

Overall Skywire is a great game that everyone should play!

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