Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vector Stunt Flash Game Review

Link: Vector Stunt
Developer: DigYourOwnGrave
Genre: Music
FlashMush Rating: 6.5/10

Vector Stunt is one of those rare games that's in what I like to call the music interaction flash game genre. What I mean by this is it's a game that you essentially play with your own music. Vector Stunt is essentially a stripped down version of Audio Surf. You control a space ship as it shoots down a course and you collect various notes much like in, Music Catch 2.

So the game really is not unique at all. For one the play your own music racing game has already been pioneered and the whole collect notes while your music plays has been down loads of times before. So what does Vector Stunt really bring to the table? Well I suppose the "stunt" part of the name is fairly unique as you can do stunts off of ramps which will get you more points. I also really liked the feel of it although that's not too special as AudioSurf did the same for me, but it's still good that the gameplay wasn't terrible.

Overall, Vector Stunt may not be the first game to try this idea out and it won't be the last but it at least does it fairly well.

Play Vector Stunt here:


  1. One thing I really like about this game is that you can unlock a bonus mode where you see as if you were the driver. Double bonus but it's pretty hard to control since the vehicle keeps spinning in every directions!

    You're right when you say that this game is very similar to other games of it's genre but I'd say that overall it's still a fun game.

  2. The game itself doesn't look promising, but... look at the game developer's name! That really looks promising to me and I'm wishing those guys luck - imagine seeing a name like that with a 'blockbuster' game production. That would definitely made my day.