Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zombocalypse Flash Game Review

Link: Zombocalypse
Developer: IronZilla
Genre: Zombie Shooter
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

You know how I love me some Zombie games! Zombocalypse seems to be the next big one to hit market and for great reason.

Zombocalypse is your typical survival zombie shooter flash game. You are on a 2-D field with zombies coming at you from both sides and your only weapon is a machete..well at first. Power ups drop from the sky with various better guns to use as well as health and 2x damage. What makes me like this zombie survival shooter game more so than others is mainly the simplicity.

First off the graphics are very simple and cartoony which as you know I'm in love with, in fact the graphics sort of remind me of Nerdook's games such as Deamsong Catcher and Cat God Vs. Sun King. But also in the case of other zombie survival games they are overly complicated either in upgrade system/weapon system as well as other factors. Zombocalypse takes a more simple and direct route which I think works super well and is the main contributor to  the extreme addictiveness I experienced when I play this game.

This is a great zombie game that I think everyone should play as it's a must for fans of the zombie genre.

Play Zombocalypse here:

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  1. Ah yes, I've played this game before... It is entertaining and addictive XD I love zombie games anyway =D

  2. Good thing I actually read the article. I thought it was a Castle Crasher's mod at first.