Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bloom Defender Flash Game Review

Link: Bloom Defender
Developer: JuicyBeast
Genre: Defense
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

JuicyBeast is back! I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw they had a new game out. If you remember, their first game I reviewed, Burrito Bison, was and still is one my all time favorite flash games online. Bloom Defender does not disappoint either although it is a totally different style than Burrito Bison. If I had to use other games to describe Bloom Defender, I'd say it has the graphics of Burrito Bison with the style and gameplay of Kingdom Rush, a GREAT combination.

Bloom Defender, if you can't tell, is a defense game more specifically a tower defense game! One of my favorite flash genres! Whereas most tower defense games nowadays are pretty stale in terms of actual unique content, I must say Bloom Defender does not fall in that category at all. They introduce some features that I've never really seen before (or done well before) in a flash game. Examples would be the general tower placement. You kind of "pluck" different colored flowers from the grass around you to place the towers and then to upgrade them you click and hold down to "water" them and you upgrade. These sound small and they are small bits to the grand scheme of things but it is these minute details that make and break a game for me. But Bloom Defender does have some big picture unique content such as unique paths which only certain enemies (or elementals as they are called here) can walk on. You also have the typical spell attacks that has become mainstream although Bloom Defender hosts five different spells whereas most other games have three max.

Now I am sad to say that Bloom Defender does lack quite a lot.. Mainly in difficulty. I found the game to be super easy and not a challenge at all. Now I know there is a difficulty setting which does negate this comment partially but I still found the game to be too easy. Too easy, in fact, that it got boring at some parts. Also there isn't much in terms of variety. Sure the graphics are amazing but you only have a few amount of towers (trees) and enemies (elementals) along with very bland level design and not that many levels either and not even set about in a cool map graphic like a lot of other tower defense games.


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