Thursday, November 24, 2011

K.O.L.M. 2 Flash Game Review

Link: K.O.L.M. 2
Developer: ArmorGames
Genre: Platformer/Adventure/Story
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

The K.O.L.M. series is back with a sequel and it's good as ever. Again it takes the roles of more story and adventure platforming style which I always find very interesting.

K.O.L.M. does some amazing an unique aspects compared to most other adventure platforming games. A huge example of this would be the whole "camera" angles, it shows that this whole saga is being filmed and watched from external and omniscient cameras which show alternating viewpoints of close and far away. Another great element involved was how sunlight hurts you and sometimes you could shield yourself from the sun by using enemies creating shadows. The whole game is also very atmospheric as was the original K.O.L.M. The graphics also blew me away. As you all know I love the more pixelated style and K.O.L.M. not only has this style but takes it into a more Super Paper Mario style which really stands out.

My only complaints would honestly be some control issues and dialogue placement. Control wise I found it somewhat hard to sometimes jump and do other various maneuvers. It is a very minor concern though. The other complaint was the dialogue. In a story game usually the dialogue is the main thing that pushes the story, in K.O.L.M. 2 all of it was located in the bottom left corner and I found myself missing it half the time when it would come up and therefore I would miss some of the story. I would have preferred the dialogue to just pop up center screen honestly.

Overall though K.O.L.M. 2 is another great atmospheric story adventure platformer game, one of the best in the game! Everyone should play it!