Friday, November 11, 2011

The Last Castle Flash Game Review

Link: The Last Castle
Developer: Louissi
Genre: Defense/Multiplayer
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

Love defense games? Love the artistic style of Kingdom Rush? Love multiplayer games? Then, The Last Castle is just the game for you. In a unique mixture of defense games but with an extensive upgrade system akin to an RPG you will have loads of fun playing The Last Castle.

Basically how you play is you join a room which can fit up to three people. From there you have a castle you must protect. You play as one of three different heroes which have different abilities and therefore upgrade trees. The heroes are essentially a mage, archer, and knight, aka two long ranged units and one short range. As you play the game you get upgrade points which you can spend in your upgrade ability tree to help you in the upcoming waves. It's really a pretty simple concept really.

However, it is a multiplayer game and with that comes both pros and cons. Pros are multiplayer games can be fun. You get to chat with people, see how other people play, compete with others, etc. But then you have the typical problems with multiplayer. People stealing items in game that don't need them, rudeness, rage quitting, etc. All of these are present in this game. You would think that for a simple, online flash multiplayer game you wouldn't have these types of attitudes but I suppose it's human nature and it really does sour my mood and therefore my rating of the game.

But I still love the game and mainly the idea and presentation of it. Like I mentioned earlier it reminds me of Kingdom Rush which is a HUGE compliment and the gameplay plays very well. I know what I'll be playing nonstop for the next week.


  1. Probably the most appealing game I've seen on your site. Well, at least for me, that is. Reminds me of the classic point and click games of the late 1990s - they don't paint backgrounds like this anymore. I guess I'll have to check that out!