Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nitrome Must Die Flash Game Review

Link: Nitrome Must Die
Developer: Nitrome
Genre: Action/Shooter/Puzzle/Multiplayer
FlashMush Rating: 10/10

Nitrome is celebrating their 100th game with what may be their best game yet, Nitrome Must Die. I know...kind of macabre flash game title for such an amazing game company and game.

Nitrome Must Die is literally all 99 other Nitrome games and smushed together to make one awesome, amazing game. The premise is two guys are upset about the state of Nitrome and set out to destroy it. This is where the mutiplayer tag comes into play although it's not really online multiplayer but rather friendly, in-person co-op. So you get together with your buddy and settle in for a loooong time as you guessed it, there are 100 different levels. I feel as if I've been playing the game for the last four hours and I only just got to floor 70. There is a whole lot of level and a whole lot of fun to be had here.

In each level/floor are various enemies which may require different strategies to beat. Likewise each floor is different and requires their own separate strategy going into play. There are tons of different enemies and tons of different weapons. I find it really amazing that all of the enemies come from other Nitrome games such as SkywireDirk ValentineTest Subject Blue, and Steamlands. Further more the weapon selection is amazing. 70 floors in and I'm still finding new weapons. Also to break up the 100 floor grind, on every 5th floor, so like the 5th, 15th, 25th, etc. there is a challenge floor in which it's almost like a puzzle where you get unlimited ammo of a certain gun and have to use that weapon to win the floor. Also on every 10th floor is a boss level featuring some character from another Nitrome game. It really is chocked full of hidden cameos and easter eggs, although I guess none of it is really hidden.

My only quarrels with Nitrome Must Die is it is slanted towards playing co-op, I can just tell. I'm playing it solo right now and just the shear amount of enemies in some of the levels is staggering. This also brings the solo difficulty up very high. However, I'll give Nitrome a reprieve as I can imagine if I was playing co-op I wouldn't think this way and the game would probably go back to being a normal difficulty.

Overall though Nitrome Must Die is an extremely great game that I urge you all to play. Not only will you not be disappointed but you'll be kept busy for the next week of your life. Nitrome certainly knows how to make a game and with this advent of their 100th game, I hope they make 100 more!


  1. i disagree this game sucked. i mean ya it is a game with lots on levels, and it has lots of nitrome characters but the game play is so boring!!!! and you can't save your game tile you defeat a boss which is hard, boring, and it means you will have to play lots of boring levels all over again. and the enemies are boring too ya they are the nitrome characters but they don't really add to the game like they shuold.

    i love nitrome games, but this one could have been so much better i give it a 3/10.

  2. I see where you are coming from but I think the gameplay makes up for a lot of the shortcomings. While some of the levels are tedious, a lot were loads of fun for me. Also the saving thing never really bothered me personally but I do see where you are coming from.

  3. The game play sucked. Most nitrome game play is the high ponit of the game but nitrome must die game play is boring. Most of the you are just standing in one place waiting for ever for something to shoot or you are running around hoping you don't die.

    This is what nitrome should have done. You are in a world were every thing from nitrome lives and there is some kined of war and you have to play as all the nitrome charackters good and bad to win. And you would be playing in a place that is a mis mash of everything from nitrome. You could even see what would happen if one of the charackers got a power-up that wasn't ment for them! Now that would be ten/ten

  4. Guess we played the game a little different, while there were some levels that were boring that you would just sit around and wait, others I didn't resort to that even if it would have been the easy way out. I treated the game more as a run and gun suicidal action platformer than just a camping shooter.

    I will say your idea for what they should have done sounds really cool, not sure how it would be exactly pulled off but Nitrome is constantly making games and (in my opinion) great games so they may eventually churn out something similar.

  5. yes that is funner but still not that grate. as for my idea i told you about i think they should make that in to the NITROME VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!

  6. okey i just played it again and i guess i would now give it a 5-6/10.

  7. =p I appreciate your comments. And a Nitrome Video Game would be awesome! They certainly have the funds and the creativity.

  8. This is the best nitrome game, hands down.

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