Saturday, November 5, 2011

Realm of the Mad God Flash Game Review

Link: Realm of the Mad God
Developer: Wild Shadow
Genre: Arcade Shooter
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

Love shooters? Love arcade style shooters? Want to play with your buddies to take down the world? Me too and that's why I'm loving Realm of the Mad God.

If you didn't get what the game was from my short and witty intro sentence it's basically a retro/arcade style shooter where you play with loads of other people in huge worlds to try and work towards an end goal. This game idea is actually pretty cool and well executed I think. Basically you start out as a wizard class in some level with loads of people (each room can hold 85 people). You then just run around shooting various enemies trying to rank up as well as getting more gear which can make your bullets more powerful or in a spread shot or whatever. It's great.

You also have quests you can do to help you get more experience and there is the main quest of the Mad God. From what I understand the Mad God is the main boss of this game and to face him you need to beat all his guardians (there are five of them) and he's probably really hard to find. Hard to find due to the enormous map sizes. I literally walked in a straight path for 15 minutes and didn't really find anything too challenging but I know there are really strong enemies, they just must be way out there. Now this enormous size does have it's pros and cons. Pros because huge maps are just really cool and I love the freedom, cons because you can walk forever and not really find anything.

My other huge complaint about this game is for the level of depth it has there is no real tutorial. Now, they do have a tutorial level but it just tells you how to move and shoot...pretty obvious things. I want to learn how and where to find the Mad God or other stronger enemies. The class system is also fairly complicated and they offer no insight on how to figure it out.

Overall though Realm of the Mad God is the game you've been looking for if you love arcade shooters. I can guarantee you'll be playing this one for days...literally.


  1. looks like my type of game

  2. Realm of the Mad God was really fun! After you beat the first few bosses, you get to go to the Realm of the Mad God and then you see other players online. The game is a nice retro quest/shooter w/ a pixelated look to it. You can talk to others online and collect items/level up and upgrade.

    Overall this is a pretty fun free MMO.

  3. Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) was really good. I've been playing for a little over a year and this game is fast-paced and it is actually not that hard to defeat gods (once you get good gear). Some dungeons might be hard but can make you laugh, such as the Candyland Hunting Grounds and Beachzone. I give the game a 95/100! :)

  4. Realm of the mad god was made for people who wanna rage. You die you lose al ur stuff. I lost my necro 5/8 last night .