Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rocket Santa Flash Game Review

Link: Rocket Santa
Developer: BerzerkStudio
Genre: Distance/Upgrades
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

What happens with an intergalactic war is going on during Christmas and Santa still wants to give presents to the soldiers on the moon? Well, he rocket's up there that's what! This is a creation by BerzerkStudio, the same creators of Frantic Frigates, and this was made in under 24 hours so do keep that in mind.

Rocket Santa is of course like any other distance/upgrades game so not much to say here. It is a vertical distance game like Goin Up and the upgrade system while pretty basic and bare bones is evenly spaced which is a hard balance to accomplish it seems with lots of other upgrade games. In terms of actual gameplay mechanics, Rocket Santa is a very easy game to play. Mouse only. However a few minor annoyances bother me like the fact you can't collect things on your fall back to earth as well as the general lack of obstacles..but again, under 24 hours.

All this aside, Rocket Santa is a very festive and holiday themed distance/upgrades game to get you through this season!


  1. Does that mean that reindeers can't fly to the moon?!

  2. Santa has moved to the 21st century, it's all Rocket powered now!