Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tasty Planet: DinoTime Flash Game Review

Link: Tasty Planet: DinoTime
Developer: dingogames
Genre: Action/Educational
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

Tasty Planet: DinoTime is a fun little game where you get to theoretically eat the world! DinoTime is a sequel which you might not expect but I'm happy for it as I think the Tasty Planet series is pretty unique and a fun time.

The premise of the Tasty Planet series and Tasty Planet: DinoTime is basically a scientific experiment gone wrong. What results is a little speck of tiny grey goo that progresses to eat everything and gets bigger and bigger. Here is where I love the Tasty Planet series; you start out small and therefore you have to eat small things such as candy, you then grow and can eat eye droppers, then test tubes, eventually you're eating cats and microscopes. Now where DinoTime comes into place, as opposed to the original, is you then eat a time machine! It shoots you back in time where you progress to eat various dinosaurs. But then a huge asteroid is coming straight at earth! What happens next I'll leave for you to discover.

Now while I do really like the idea and gameplay of Tasty Planet: DinoTime it falls short...literally. It's a very quick game. I just played it from start to finish in around 10 minutes. Also since DinoTime is a sequel I would expected a little more. All that really changed was a different storyline but no real gameplay changing dynamics which I kind of would have hoped for such a simple original game, but while you're at it you should check out friv and play some other cool games as well!