Friday, September 30, 2011

Legends of Kong Flash Game Review

Link: Legends of Kong
Developer: Nerdook
Genre: Action Platformer
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

Nerdook is back once again! The guy who brought us games like Cat God Vs. Sun King and Dreamsong Catcher once again brings a great game.

Legends of Kong (I can only assume he's talking about Kongregate here) is an action platformer. Aren't all platformers action oriented? Well yeah, but I decided to throw this combo genre up here as it really applies for Legends of Kong. Basically the crazy plot Nerdook cooked up for this game is an evil corporation basically made the city full of mind controlled zombies. You must brave the danger and destroy the eleven transmitters. Along the way you can find or "buy" weapons to fight off the "zombies", find survivors and generally try and save the world! A neat thing about this game is you can play the game without actually killing the enemies and actually their are incentives to not. So love the game for that alone, the ability to play it how you want. Sneakily or maniacal.

But, as with everything, I must commit on flaws. The biggest thing I find about Legends of Kong is the difficulty. It's not that the curve is skewed it's just a hard game. And while the randomly generated levels and rooms are neat and vital for it being a good game, that at times can make it harder. Also, I must comment on the "uniqueness" of it. While I know I bashed on one of Nerdook's latest games (Dreamsong Catcher) for being too unique to the point it was too hard to play, I find this game to just be a hodge podge of all the games Nerdook has made. So while it's good, nothing is too ground breaking.

Overall though I loved this game and it has great replay value. Must play for all flash game fans!

Play here:

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Damage Flash Game Review

Link: Fall Damage
Developer: Tony
Genre: Action
FlashMush Rating: 6.5/10

It's not often you find a truly unique game. Now I know in most of my reviews I comment on uniqueness and whether or not I think a game is unique and a lot of times I say a game is only partially unique. This is not the case for Fall Damage. I truly believe this game just pioneered a new niche genre.

I guess it plays like such games as, Goin' Up, but only in the fact that you are traveling vertically against many obstacles. In Fall Damage the goal is to get as far down as you can without dying. You have four hearts and you take damage as you fall, so once you lose those four hearts you're done. Gameover. However, you can use parachutes (limited amount) or be smart about your descent. You can hug the walls to slow yourself and not take as much damage or of course just trying to "jump" (more like fall) from lower platform to lower platform.

Moreover this game is very appealing to the eyes. The graphics again remind me of Goin' Up or Toss the Turtle but without all the super crazy enemies and environment. Fall Damage also does a nice menu system. Basically you don't press Start to play, you just walk off the edge. I know it's a little feature and shouldn't mean much but just the thought into this and how different it is really makes an impact on me.

However, Fall Damage does have some problems. The big problem is how the screen moves down forcing you to think on your feet and keep moving. This in theory is good but it goes way too fast and makes the game too hectic and not fun at times. This also severely hurts the replay value as opposed to games such as Goin' Up. An easy fix would be to slow it down or even remove it all together, as it's kind of pointless even as a motivator. Also I think the game could benefit from more actual enemies and just general variety in the game itself.

Overall though, Fall Damage is a nice groundbreaking game. I hope to see more incarnations of it more polished and more addicting.

Play Fall Damage here:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fortress Magnus Flash Game Review

Link: Fortress Magnus
Developer: ibicus
Genre: Arcade Shooter
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

In the mood for a totally awesome outrageous game? Fortress Magnus will be that game! Just some of the outrageous things include a floating castle, fireballs, robots and big breasted princesses. Sold yet? I thought so.

Fortress Magnus plays most like any ole' arcade shooter, but it still retains a hint of uniqueness. First, some of the uniqueness does come in the outrageous bits but it also does literally play differently. In most shooters you control a small ship which is fast. In Fortress Magnus you are completely the opposite. You literally play as a floating fortress and you move very slow. You are also very large, especially as you upgrade. This changes the dynamics greatly as you can't dodge attacks as easily as in other games and must resort to killing all enemies before they shoot at you.

The upgrade system for Fortress Magnus is something I'm quite torn on. It's a unique system and love that as you upgrade your fortress expands, but it also is very limited and redundant. In fact, that can be said about the whole game. I won't say boring as I do enjoy this game but redundant and trite could accurately describe Fortress Magnus. You face the same enemies again and again, there are few boss battles and all your weapons are essentially the same.

Overall though I think Fortress Magnus is a pretty nice game. It dares to be unique and turns out something that is quite awesome, although a little more polish wouldn't hurt.

Play Fortress Magnus here:

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance Flash Game Review

Link: Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance
Developer: gmentat
Genre: Physics/Action
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

You're in for a treat if you love the Sieger game series as here comes a spin off game with the same great gameplay! If you're not familar with the Sieger games all you need to know is they are very comparable to the Crush the Castle series such as the Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack which I reviewed a while ago. And by comparable I mean you fire a shot to try and take down a castle. The only difference is that in Crush the Castle you actually launch the shot with a catapult and in the Sieger games (or this game, Siege Hero) you just point and click so it's more strategy than the skill of catapulting (both rely heavily on luck though).

With that out of the way I will say I love the series and I love the genre. So it's not a big surprise when I'll say I love this game. I love this game as it takes the tried and true method that gmentat perfected with his Sieger series and then just made it way more professional looking. The first clue you get is the amazing graphics. Everything is well done and polished to a T, definitely no complaints here. For this style of graphics, Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance may be my all time favorite. Also the menu screens are amazing and also the menus and info screens in game. By this I mean I just love the look. For the level selection menu screen it looks like an old timey brown treasure map that gets colored in and stamped upon completion. Likewise, the in game screens that show you your ammo (and what type) is just so well done and looks amazing.

Overall there really isn't much to critique with Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance as it's pretty much just a polished up level pack for the Sieger series, but that's exactly what people wanted.

Play Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance here:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vase Mystery Flash Game Review

Link: Vase Mystery
Developer: Crotery
Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

I'll be completely honest up front, I was not expecting much from this game at all. I normally review the games that rank highly on Kongregate's weekly/monthly lists and with it switching to a new week and having relatively few games coming out my pool was sort of dry, so I took a chance with Vase Mystery. I will say I'm glad I did.

It's a puzzle game but takes the chain reaction approach. I'll explain. Basically you have these vases filled with water, once they overfill they explode shooting water drops in four directions whereupon if they hit another vase they fill it with water, and so on. You can see how chain reactions can take place now. Now this is not a unique concept by far but it is one that I don't see done that often and Vase Mystery does do it quite well.

First off the graphics, which I thought were going to be terrible upon the opening ad sequence, are actually well polished. Also love how it sort of zooms in and out for each new level. Which is another thing this game does have quite an extensive level catalog with a built in level editor. The gameplay is also quite solid and adds the usual items you'd expect in a chain reaction puzzle game but it does do it well.

Overall Vase Mystery is a great puzzle game and well worth your time. Just not that special in the grand scheme of things.

Play Vase Mystery here:

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Save Toshi Flash Game Review

Link: Save Toshi
Developer: uvmarko
Genre: Physics/Puzzle
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

First off I'll do the usual warning, this game requires the Unity plug in, but you should really have it by now as some good games are using it. Anyways, Save Toshi boldly declares they are a NEW EXPERIENCE and I guess in some ways they are.

By this I mean they are a casual physics based puzzle game, which the goal for Save Toshi is to knock Toshi (a Japanese pop star nonetheless) onto the dance floor so she can dance. Weird concept I know and actually don't really like that part but eh that's just personal preferences. The actual gameplay is somewhat a new experience. It's all in 3D so you can spin the screen around to shoot wherever for the best shot. This aspect really does open up new avenues in terms of unique puzzles and Save Toshi does take advantage of this mostly.

The parts where I'm not too fond of Save Toshi is mainly in the presentation. As I said earlier I found the concept to be incredibily weird and not in a good way. I also found the graphics to be not as good as I was hoping which leads to my observation of the overall polish of the game in those aspects was lacking.

Overall though Save Toshi is a nice break from the 2D physics puzzler games and I do encourage all to try it out!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crystal Story Flash Game Review

Link: Crystal Story
Developer: lan14n
Genre: RPG
FlashMush Rating: 9.5/10

Wow...just wow. Crystal Story really just blew the socks off me literally. It's a flash based RPG game but just feels like so much more than that, it could really be a full on console game in my opinion.

Firstly the game is just so beautiful looking from the opening cutscenes to all the menu screens. I would say the style is somewhat cartoony but more anime-ish just be looking at the characters and how they react to things. Now I'm not sure if that is a turn on or off for people but I think it works extremely well and while it's somewhat simple, that simplicity makes it look more polished and gives it a high professional quality.

Next up is the gameplay, which you pretty much know how it's going to turn out. I did say the game genre was a RPG and that's what it is. Turn based RPG with random dungeon crawling elements, my favorite. You play with four different characters each with a different weapon class (swords, bows, maces, and staffs) and each with a separate three track upgrade tree. On top of this the game has different levels of rarity when it comes to items, as well as armor and other attachments. It is an RPG so their is a storyline which honestly is probably the weakest part to this game but it's not terrible and the great gameplay and atmosphere covers it up. There are also loads of sidequests to do to keep you busy and with the randomly generated dungeons, you will have more than enough to do.

Overall, Crystal Story is a great game and easily one of the best RPG flash games I've played in a while.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Diamond Hollow II Flash Game Review

Link: Diamond Hollow II
Developer: Arkeus
Genre: Platformer
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

Arkeus is back with another great game. His last game, Glissaria, is now one of my favorite games and I can see that Diamond Hollow II will be the same.

At it's simplest Diamond Hollow II is strictly your everyday platformer but oh is it more than that. Just the depth within this game is amazing. For starters you do have a fairly typical upgrade system with your jump, speed, health, defense, etc. You then have gun upgrades and other attachments you find Snailiad style which you can then upgrade those. The game also has so many modes to choose from. Story mode with 7 long levels, boss rush, escape mode and mini games

Did I mention the long levels? These levels are super long. You'll definitely get your money's worth if this game cost anything. The boss fights are also very interesting and unique and definitely add more to the game. Also adding to the game's atmosphere is the great 8-bit style music and graphics. Love them!

I would suppose my only mild complaints would be the level design. The level designs are fairly typical which leads to some boring moments, especially combined with the extremely long levels. But overall this game is great and definitely worth the play as it'll keep you busy for a loooong time.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The King's League Flash Game Review

Link: The King's League
Developer: kurechii
Genre: Strategy
FlashMush Rating: 6/10

The King's League is a new game that has really taken off it seems on the blogosphere and has already been ranked pretty highly on Kongregate and other flash game portals. I guess I'm the only one to really disagree with the press...

The King's League is a pretty unique strategy game, that I will agree on. You train units use them in battle/missions, etc. Cookie cut stuff. It is interesting that you can train them in "silly" things like reading and chess to help them in battle too. Also the missions and boss battle timer aspect is nice. But really I just found the game to be a snoozefest.

For one I think the graphics put me in a sleepy mode at first. Now the graphics aren't bad, they are actually quite polished and nice looking in terms of the units when you battle and such. But the menu screen (which is what screen you are on for 90% of the time) is very bland/minimalistic and reminds me of an early version of Facebook or Google+, looks more like a social network than a game that'll catch your attention. Then the gameplay is also super boring I feel. Now I know strategy games always have that aspect of training troops and all but just all the hoops that you have to go through to train your troops just for a short 5 second battle every once in a while....not my thing.

But good thing is, this game seems to be doing well in the general public so I encourage you if you like strategy games and think it sounds semi interesting from my review to go check it out!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vector Stunt Flash Game Review

Link: Vector Stunt
Developer: DigYourOwnGrave
Genre: Music
FlashMush Rating: 6.5/10

Vector Stunt is one of those rare games that's in what I like to call the music interaction flash game genre. What I mean by this is it's a game that you essentially play with your own music. Vector Stunt is essentially a stripped down version of Audio Surf. You control a space ship as it shoots down a course and you collect various notes much like in, Music Catch 2.

So the game really is not unique at all. For one the play your own music racing game has already been pioneered and the whole collect notes while your music plays has been down loads of times before. So what does Vector Stunt really bring to the table? Well I suppose the "stunt" part of the name is fairly unique as you can do stunts off of ramps which will get you more points. I also really liked the feel of it although that's not too special as AudioSurf did the same for me, but it's still good that the gameplay wasn't terrible.

Overall, Vector Stunt may not be the first game to try this idea out and it won't be the last but it at least does it fairly well.

Play Vector Stunt here:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zombocalypse Flash Game Review

Link: Zombocalypse
Developer: IronZilla
Genre: Zombie Shooter
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

You know how I love me some Zombie games! Zombocalypse seems to be the next big one to hit market and for great reason.

Zombocalypse is your typical survival zombie shooter flash game. You are on a 2-D field with zombies coming at you from both sides and your only weapon is a machete..well at first. Power ups drop from the sky with various better guns to use as well as health and 2x damage. What makes me like this zombie survival shooter game more so than others is mainly the simplicity.

First off the graphics are very simple and cartoony which as you know I'm in love with, in fact the graphics sort of remind me of Nerdook's games such as Deamsong Catcher and Cat God Vs. Sun King. But also in the case of other zombie survival games they are overly complicated either in upgrade system/weapon system as well as other factors. Zombocalypse takes a more simple and direct route which I think works super well and is the main contributor to  the extreme addictiveness I experienced when I play this game.

This is a great zombie game that I think everyone should play as it's a must for fans of the zombie genre.

Play Zombocalypse here:

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Space Punk Racer Flash Game Review

Link: Space Punk Racer
Developer: LongAnimals
Genre: Racing
Flashmush Rating: 8.5/10

Have the need for speed? Space Punk Racer will curb that craving. When I first played this game I instantly fell in love with it and like with every game I review I try and compare it to other games, especially ones that I've previously reviewed. In this case I noticed some heavy similarities between a game I previously reviewed, Coaster Racer 2, and when I cross referenced I noticed that they are made by the same developer, what a coincidence!

Either way this just really solidifies that LongAnimals are beasts when it comes to making awesome racing games. What I really love about Space Punk Racer (and Coaster Racer 2) is the way you actually race. It's a third person view but it's fixed so you're almost looking at it in first person and then with the rolling hills and twists and turns you really feel like you're in the game as the landscapes zoom by and the camera pans in and out. I really think that's a great system they have for their racing games and it certainly sticks out from most in that genre.

And while we're at it, the graphics are simply amazing. It's a cartoony style but well polished and fits well as a flash game as a big complaint of mine against Coaster Racer 2 was the graphics felt off to me, but that is definitely not the case here. While I do love the engine they used and think the graphics are flawless the rest of the game does suffer from some minor issues. First off it's technically a racing game but you really don't race. The other racers on the track are arbitrary and just there as obstacles, I feel that if LongAnimals employed a real racing system in this game it would make it a tad harder which would increase replay value/play time and at least give us goal oriented objectives. Also the upgrade system could be improved to add more features and change the car look.

Overall though this is a great "racing" game and easily one of the tops I've played.

Play Space Punk Racer here:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Green Mission Flash Game Review

Link: The Green Mission
Developer: miniduckstudio
Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

You may not know this but tomatoes are very important, just ask the two fictional characters in this funny puzzle game. Basically The Green Mission revolves totally around tomatoes and jealously as it's your job to turn your arch nemesis' red tomatoes green.

You do this by launching a green bean and if you launch it close enough to the red tomatoes on the screen they turn red and you win the level. Such an evil plot but leads to a solid gameplay. Other controls you have in this game are the power to double jump your bean and sort of "push" tomatoes around. Sort of unique this type of puzzle I guess.

However, even with this semi unique controls the game still flounders a little. Mainly due to level design, and by this I mean all the level designs were either very rudimentary and typical, or designed poorly and could have used more level testing. But I will say one thing I really did like about The Green Mission. The graphics were amazing. Also the background images were pretty hilarious as it showed the rival farmer sleeping and if you messed up enough he would wake up and "catch" you in the act.

So overall The Green Mission is a pretty standard puzzle game.. It does some things right but does other things wrong. But give it a shot anyways.

Play The Green Mission here:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sleepy Stu's Adventure Flash Game Review

Link: Sleepy Stu's Adventure
Developer: mofunzone
Genre: Platformer/Puzzle
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

Yet another platformer. I know I review loads of them but that's what is mainly coming out these days for whatever reason. At least Sleepy Stu's Adventure does try and be unique.

While it does possess the typical factors you'd expect (jumping puzzles, a few powers, switches, etc.) They did implement a few that I haven't seen before. Most notably it was the weird but interesting "power" of walking straight over gaps and such, sort of like levitation but not animated so it looked off but worked. With this you could also jump up and like attach yourself to ceilings and then "levitate" over as well. So these inclusions were nice and gave the game a different feel from most. Another unique thing (whether good or bad) is in later levels you are limited in your amount of powers you can use and you sort of pick them before you play the level, so it takes some trial and error.

But, even with the game having some unique controls there are some problems. Mainly I had problems in look of certain things and the controls. Control wise I found there to be a little lag and generally some bugs in a few levels. In terms of looks, I really hated how the "levitation" looked and I felt it could have been coded to look nicer or just work better in terms of an on and off button akin to z or x. Graphics wise the game was good though, especially the menu screens (first picture).

Overall, Sleepy Stu's Adventure is a good platformer game. A must play if you're into the genre.

Play Sleepy Stu's Adventure here:

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Deep Trip 2 Flash Game Review

Link: Deep Trip 2
Developer: squirrelsquare
Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

At first glance Deep Trip 2 looks like you're typical relaxation puzzle flash game, and in an nutshell that's what it is, or at least what it attempted to be.

You see, Deep Trip 2 has the relaxation elements. Nice colorful graphics, not too intense of a game or concept, soothing music and semi Bejewled (or Biogems) but then you play the game. The game to me was not relaxing, now you can either take this as a bad thing or a good thing. Bad in the sense of some people may want an easy to play relaxation game with no time limits or stress involved. Well in Deep Trip 2 you have a time limit. I also found the controls quite stressful as they weren't intuitive and quite cumbersome to be honest. However, some people may like the inclusion of the time limit as it gives them incentive and goals to strive for.

Overall, I do think Deep Trip 2 is a solid puzzle game but if you're looking for a nice relaxing game...go play Flur but if you think you can handle this game then go right ahead.

Play Deep Trip 2 here:

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dirk Valentine Flash Game Review

Link: Dirk Valentine
Developer: Nitrome
Genre: Platformer
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Another game by the legendary Nitrome. What's weird is I'll play a game, not looking at the developer, realize I love it or it's really good and decide to review it only to then find out it's another great score by Nitrome! If you don't know Nitrome but are an avid fan of my reviews here's just a few of Nitrome's games I've reviewed: SteamlandsTest Subject BlueSkywire, and Rubble Trouble New York. And now add Dirk Valentine to that list.

Dirk Valentine plays like any ole' platformer but has a very unique twist, which to be honest in today's market which is over saturated with platforming games you do need to have a unique twist or gimmick if you will. In Dirk Valentine's case it's that you create platforms using a gun, more specifically a chain gun. You can shoot certain platforms and a chain will connect to it from your first point which you can then walk across. Very simple concept, but it's the first platforming game I've seen pull it off in this direction. Also the general platforming challenges are also interesting. You have teleporters, pullys, and a variety of enemies.

Graphical wise Dirk Valentine is specially mentioned to be steampunk and looks akin to Steamlands. In fact, I almost want to wish that Nitrome would link all their games into some bizarre universe. Steamlands and Dirk Valentine go pretty hand in hand, and in fact the tutorial "scientist" guy looks quite similar to the professor from Test Subject Blue, so maybe I'm on to something here.

Where Dirk Valentine kind of faulters is the difficulty. For the first half of the game the levels are super easy. Pretty to look at and fun to play but very easy and kind of boring level design. Then it switches dramatically to more difficult levels in which dead end scenarios are frequent and generally just not a smooth transition.

Overall though Dirk Valentine is another smash hit from Nitrome and can't wait for more games by him!

Play Dirk Valentine here:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zombie Outbreak 2 Flash Game Review

Link: Zombie Outbreak 2
Developer: madmanic
Genre: Zombie Shooter
FlashMush Rating: 5.5/10

Zombie Outbreak 2...what to say. I will say that I played this game a while ago and pretty much just disregarded it, but then it was reuploaded or something to Kongregate and I assumed that a lot of the issues I had in my first play through. Unfortunately that assumption was wrong.

But first let me talk about what I do like about Zombie Outbreak 2 and what I think lots of people will enjoy. This game is perhaps the best atmospheric flash zombie game I've ever played, from the start and throughout the game. Melee weapons work exactly how they should with a fairly large lag time (for the swing) as well as just the amount of zombies, how they span, and even environmental factors. Also the graphics are fairly well done (aside from the menu screens).

However, I think it's this almost pseudo realism that made me score it the way I did. Point being this game is unnecessarily hard. Starting immediately you essentially have unlimited zombies spawning and spawning at a fairly fast rate. While you do have unlimited ammo you still have clip size limitations (or melee swing lag) and therefore I found myself to be overrun quite easily. You could though, just run and gun through the whole game. So basically it is a super hard game...unless you want to be cheap and then it's just a super easy/pointless game.  A more balanced game is all that's really needed, or difficulty settings.

Play Zombie Outbreak 2 here:

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vulpin Adventure Flash Game Review

Link: Vulpin Adventure
Developer: Firequill
Genre: RPG
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

It's surprising but this game is the first attempt at a "real" flash game by the developer, Firequill, this is very impressive. Vulpin Adventure is not a new concept by any means but it does put it's own unique spin on it.

Basically Vulpin is a monster RPG. You are raising this creature and then exploring in the world, battling monsters, upgrading etc. The basic stuff. What makes Vulpin Adventure such a neat game though is the graphics. All hand drawn it seems, very cutesy graphics which bode very well with the Vulpin theme and also the backgrounds are nicely done as well as monsters/items.

Gameplay is pretty linear which is ok but makes the game kind of boring quite quickly. You choose the area, you walk, you fight monsters, you get points, you upgrade, rinse, wash, repeat. I feel like adding some unique features to this whole stale concept would have really complimented the great graphics (and music while we're at it) and made this into a really solid game.

But for the time being the game is way too linear and therefore boring. Also the controls are weird. It's mouse only so to move within an area you just have your mouse on the edge of the screen. That part is fine but the character moves soooo slowly that I found myself getting bored extremely quickly. Overall I feel this is a great start and extremely good for her first real flash game attempt. She should use this game as a spring board for her next game which then she can add loads of new features and things flash game reviewers like myself are critiquing to make his game much better.

Play Vulpin Adventure here:

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