Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alternate Dimensions Flash Game Review

Link: Alternate Dimensions
Developer: KarateKoala
Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

Portal, Portal Portal. Can't get that thought out of my head when I play Alternate Dimensions. Of course, this is a great comparison as Portal is probably the epitome of innovative and ingenious puzzle games. And Alternate Dimensions just happens to borrow some elements from that.

It's an interesting game, Alternate Dimensions is. Almost just random concepts thrown together. You have the general puzzle game motif but then you control a stereotypical UFO whose goal is to move an object which looks awful similar to the companion cube so you can get to the next room. The general idea is a very simple one and is executed quite nicely as I would have expected.

The puzzles get slightly more difficult but not too hard and the environmental factors just get more and more portal like. Eventually, actual portals are introduced and with the companion cube it seems like Portal in space. Again, I kid a lot with all these Portal references and in general Alternate Dimensions is a good game. The controls are a bit weird but I've never played an UFO game with good controls. Just something about them. The puzzles, while not too hard, still retain some sense of uniqueness or at least innovativeness (although you can argue that I suppose). Alternate Dimensions is worth the play through though!