Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Flash Game Review

Link: Bloons Tower Defense 5
Developer: NinjaKiwi
Genre: Defense/Upgrades
FlashMush Rating: 10/10

Ah.. The good ole' Bloons series. They have two very good and known series, their regular Bloons games and then their Tower Defense games. You know a series is good when they are in their 5th edition. It also means they pretty much have the formula for their success down pack. So what's new in Bloons Tower Defense 5?

Surprisingly, a decent amount. Now it has been awhile since I've played a Bloons Tower Defense game, but I do believe they introduced some new types of bloons in this game which adds of course more skill and strategy you need to think about. A better and more expansive upgrade system is also present which is always a great thing, especially for a tower defense style game.

However, the main changes I can see is just an overall more professional polish. In the past the other Bloons Tower Defense games (especially the first few) had the great gameplay but graphically were lacking that polish that really GREAT games have. Well, I can safely assure you that in Bloons Tower Defense 5, they have achieved that level of polish. Everything from the great menu cut scene, intro area, maps, units, upgrade system/menus, it's all seemingly had a graphical reboot if you will and looks positively flawless.

So if you're a fan of the Bloons series, both in general and especially the Tower Defense part, or Tower Defense games in genera. If you don't play Bloons Tower Defense 5 you ought to be ashamed of yourself!


  1. There's a 4th and 5th? I have neglected my flash games for far too long.

  2. @Kon- Yep, popular series. Not that much changes between the editions, especially 4th and 5th. Slight graphical boost and more features (and more emphasis on paid features which I didn't go over but eh).

  3. Yay! My favorite flash game series! If you play the series, then no doubt you'll enjoy this new one. I do agree with Kingmush, there aren't many changes, might as well play the new than Bloons TD4.

    You release Bloons TD5 even tho you have some software, graphics, and updates it's still almost identical to it's younger brother, Bloons TD4. Same as the release of the iPhone 4S? :P

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