Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bullet Time Ninja Flash Mush Review

Link: Bullet Time Ninja
Developer: KWarp
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

See that? No? It was a ninja. Love for ninjas seems to be everywhere these days and Bullet Time Ninja is taking to capitalizing on that! Not that that is a bad thing of course!

Bullet Time Ninja in it's simplest is a puzzle platformer. I categorize it this way as it has individual levels unlike an open ended adventure game world but it does retain the platforming characteristics. In fact that's what makes this game so unique, is the unique controls. Although not sure if I should go out on a limb and call the controls unique as, Focus, features the same controls to a lesser extent. These controls fit better with the ninja theme in Bullet Time Ninja however. Basically what I'm talking about is you hold one button down which kind of "charges" energy up, you then can propel yourself a distance. This can be used to bypass lasers, spikes, lava, etc. Focus used this and it was very quick, had a easy to use/learn interface and overall was simple mainly due to the combined single button press plus mouse. Bullet Time Ninja, however, is only keyboard. This leads to some very awkward and hard to learn/control control issues. Which is a shame really seeing as how the controls are the main part of this game and the biggest draw.

Bullet Time Ninja does counterbalance that pit fall by some innovative level designs with a variety of challenges. It also features a fun replay feature which turns what seems like an awkward trip to point A to point B into well...very quick ninja like. The game is almost worth playing over and over again just to watch the cool ninja cam replay.


  1. Ninja cam? Making every ridiculously noobish movement you make look like awesome stunts? I am SO there.