Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MegaCity Flash Game Review

Link: MegaCity
Developer: ColePowered
Genre: Puzzle
FlashMush Rating: 9.5/10

MegaCity is one of those games that I view myself as having a personal connection with. Why? Well, I occasionally go on FlashGameLicense.com where I have a previewer account and I preview upcoming games and I try and give some good feedback to the developers. MegaCity is one of those games. It's also a game that I really enjoyed and found hard to critique.

I honestly do think MegaCity is one of the most unique games of this year and could see it becoming huge not only in the online flash market but the mobile market with Apple and Android as well. Way back, when I was giving feedback on FGL for MegaCity I recognized the potential and I was shocked to see it finalized and published on Kongregate today (although through research it has been out on the iOS market for a while).

The premise of Mega City is quite simple. You have columns of blank land and then you have different building types that you have to use which come in in a random order. The goal is to place houses in squares to equal four points per column. However, houses have a default value of zero so you have to place other types of buildings to give value to your houses. These different buildings can be schools, police stations, etc. There could also be buildings which gives negative scores like landfills and prisons. Different buildings have different point configurations. Some only affect houses and squares that are immediately beside them, while others affect a whole column or row.

The easiness to understand really makes for a "one-more" type game where you just want to keep playing and playing. And that's exactly what I do. I find myself playing this game for a while, the time just flies by.