Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mission in Space: The Lost Colony Flash Game Review

Link: Mission in Space: The Lost Colony
Developer: StormAlligator
Genre: Strategy
FlashMush Rating: 8.5/10

Haven't played a good turn based strategy game in a while so I'm quite glad I found Mission in Space: The Lost Colony as it's given me a great game to get back into the strategy genre with.

You can tell Mission in Space did it's homework. It has all the right turn based strategy game staples and executes them quite flawlessly. In fact, Mission in Space puts a lot of emphasis on a cinematic style. While a lot of strategy games have overall story lines, I feel Mission in Space puts the emphasis on theirs first and foremost. Each level is focusing heavily on the overall storyline theme and require movie like aspects at times. This gives the game a more dramatic feel and really invests you into the characters and gameplay.

In terms of actual gameplay, Mission in Space does a great job. The movement system is perfect and they added nice features like having to reload, auto pilot for other characters and other environmental interaction abilities. There is also a skill tree for each of your soldiers of completely unique skill sets. Overall, Mission in Space: The Lost Colony does a great job at bringing an intense feeling into flash games and everyone should try it out!


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  2. Sounds great! So where can we play it? Thanks!

  3. Link to the game is up top. =p