Monday, January 23, 2012

MobileMush Monday: Kingdom Rush Ipad Edition

Link for Download: Kingdom Rush (Ipad)
Developer: Ironhide Game Studio
Genre: Strategy/Defense
Platform: Ipad
FlashMush Rating: 10/10

If you read my blog, Kingdom Rush should not be a foreign sounding game title to you. Not only did I help out and write about their open beta, but I also did a full review on the final online version. So what am I reviewing today? Well, I guess technically it's not a review but more of an advertisement for Kingdom Rush on Ipad. That is right, Kingdom Rush made the jump to the Apple market (and hopefully Android market soon).

You may be wondering if anything is really new, or why should you get this game for your Ipad. Well, other than it being completely touch screen optimized for the Ipad which leads to easier gameplay, it is also of course mobile. Mobile in the sense that you do need an Ipad and mobile making the assumption that laptops and the normal version isn't mobile. But nonetheless Kingdom Rush is my favorite tower defense style flash game and it seems to be very popular, winning many awards and placing first or high up on many Flash Game Review blog's (like myself although didn't make an official list) best game lists for 2011.

I'm also partly making this blog post to further increase sales and awareness for Kingdom Rush and IronHide Studios so they keep pumping out awesome games. A Kingdom Rush 2 Sequel has already been announced and I hope a very fruitful franchise eventually comes to be.


  1. Loved playing Kingdom Rush! Making it available on the iPad just makes it even better! I get to play this everywhere I go now.

  2. Thank you for bringing this game into my life.

  3. okay this game looks fricking awesome!! I LOVE TOWER DEFENSE :) old school sc player right here.