Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monster Truck Trip 2 Flash Game Review

Link: Monster Truck Trip 2
Developer: NoNameLab
Genre: Racing/Sports/Upgrades
FlashMush Rating: 6.5/10

Never would have thought I'd be reviewing a monster truck game. Just very out of character for me in real life, but I guess in FlashMush I'll review what I have to review. Luckily Monster Truck Trip 2 is fairly good and demolished my stereotypical views on the whole monster truck stigma.

Just like real life monster trucks, Monster Truck Trip 2 is all about big trucks and crushing things. The whole upgrade system pretty much revolves around making your truck bigger, with bigger wheels, adding more nitro boosts, etc. But I guess that's not so different than most upgrade systems in games and it works quite well. The premise of Monster Truck Trip 2 is basically get from point A to point B, trying to collect as many stars as you can and crush things. I was very surprised that the demolition detection worked very well and didn't look out of place at all. This leads to some fun times just crushing things which to be honest is why I played this game in the first place. A whole mode devoted to just crushing cars would be amazing. The graphics also very much surprised me as again I had stereotypical views thinking that this game would be junk, I'm happy I was wrong.

The real problems I had with Monster Truck Trip 2 is the length and gameplay. Control wise the gameplay was flawless but I found the idea very one dimensional. It was the same thing over and over again, no real consequences and those that existed were easily overcome by the abundance of nitro available. In other words no real skill was required. This, coupled with the very small amount of levels available led to a very lackluster although visual and otherwise appealing.


  1. A deserving rating since this type of game has already been done over many times. The original concept and gameplay was okay, but there's little more to add to such a game.