Saturday, January 28, 2012

Play Bingo!

Thought I would change up my expected format of just plain game reviews to talk about a genre as a whole and, while you may not know it, one of my favorite time waster pastimes. I'm talking about Bingo! It may sound boring but for me and countless other people, Bingo is great. But note, this isn't your grandma's Bingo, it has evolved since those dinosaur times. It can be much faster paced, different modes and styles to play. It's very in depth now. How you may be wondering? Well just check it out for yourself: Bingo Rules

Now I myself got into playing Bingo during my Freshman year of University. They had weekly Bingo nights and it was fun. Get together with friends, joke around, etc. But I loved the rush of winning so I wanted to play more, outside of the University nights. I then remembered my mother also is an avid bingo player and plays online. So I asked her where she plays and she told me the place (click here for it). She has been playing on that site for years now and it really is the best place I've found online to play. She's now gotten me addicted even more. Thanks Mom! =)


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