Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reeelz Flash Game Review

Link: Reeelz
Developer: GameInABottle
Genre: Puzzle/Action
FlashMush Rating: 9/10

Thought for today I'll review a fairly older flash game but one that is in my all time favorites; Reeelz. Reeelz is one of the most unique puzzle style games that is out now and surprisingly hasn't really been copied as of yet.

So what is Reeelz exactly? It's a puzzle style game that combines heavy elements of casino slots and small time gambling. Of course Reeelz isn't an actual online gambling site but just mimics the behavior small time and for fun and games. You have a slot at the top of the game with various sliders. The goal is to make all the different combinations of slider pictures that is given to you. There is a nice difficulty curve here where as you beat one set of slider combinations, then you can play the next set which has more, and so on and so on.

This style of gameplay really leads to fast, quick games that retain tons of replay and addictive qualities. I found myself playing this game for hours the first time trying to complete every combination set. Like I said earlier, I'm really surprised more games of this gameplay don't exist as it's a very simple concept that is highly addictive. I mean while it's only mimicking gambling behavior, gambling in general is huge. Just look at Las Vegas.

Overall, Reeelz is a gem in the flash game world and it'll always be a favorite of mine and I hope it'll become one of yours.