Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scarlet Stranger Flash Game Review

Link: Scarlet Stranger
Developer: ArmorGames
Genre: RPG/Adventure
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Scarlet Stranger seems to be the new game from ArmorGames (at least on Kongregate) and I was very surprised and delighted to see that it is in the same style as Help the Hero and Monster Bark. In my mind I really want ArmorGames to just come out and make some ridiculous story time line connecting all these games together.

Scarlet Stranger is the first game, out of these three, that isn't a puzzle game however. It is more on a role playing adventure game. I actually akin it a lot to a combination of the Legend of Zelda series (Stylistically Wind Waker) and the Paper Mario series (Legend of the Thousand Year Door mainly). And throughout the game you can see how the developers must have modeled their game after these successful franchises as there are text memes involved as well as the general interface with the GUI and Maps.

As an Adventure/RPG game, Scarlet Stranger does very well. Obviously I love the graphics in this game, and actually more so as they added some cool effects (this is where the Paper Mario likeness comes into play) and generally it's a very well polished game. The little adventure type puzzles you have to solve, while very necessary to the game, I do feel could have been made a lot stronger. What I mean by this is a lot of the puzzle rooms featured a lot of unnecessary steps, and also were very easy. Another problem I had was personally I felt the controls to be a bit sluggish which just really annoyed me throughout the whole game.

Overall though, Scarlet Stranger is a well polished Adventure/RPG game that I haven't seen the likes of in a while. It is a welcoming breath of fresh air.


  1. I too love the animation! Sounds like a fun game!

  2. I'll have to give it a shot :)