Friday, January 6, 2012

Sports Head: Football Championship Flash Game Review

Link: Sports Head: Football Championship
Developer: MouseBreaker
Genre: Sports/Action
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Sports Head: Football is back with Championship mode! It's the same great gameplay of the Sports Head: Football series but with more tournament style!

What do I mean by tournament style? Well, in the last version you pretty much just played various computer players, now there is a reason. You pick a football team such as the Arsenals and then you "face off" against all the other teams and within 15 rounds you try and reach the top of the tournament bracket.

Now usually I would chastise a game for not really changing a game's formula much in a sequel, but I haven't done that for Sports Head: Football Championship. Mainly because I'm not convinced it's a sequel per say. Just more of a update to get rid of bugs/lag from the first Sports Head: Football and then adding in a few features to tie over the fans. It does introduce a new upgrade system where you spend money you earn from your wins to get guarantied powerups in your next matches.

Overall, Sports Head: Football Championship is more of the same great gameplay that you know and love.


  1. Not a bad game overall, but they've done better. Mousebreaker does make some entertaining stuff.

  2. A good game, I prefer Ice Hocky games, Thanks for the review. Please check my top 5 flash games post and let me know what you think.

  3. Not American football :P
    It's fun and I haven't played a game like this before.

    However I find the gameplay hard. You move somewhat slowly and very amateur like compared to the pro computer bots. Either way, it gets better as you put points into skills or just play more.

    Great find kingmush!

  4. Yeah, Not American. =p I probably wouldn't play if it was American football. And thanks Vince W.

  5. it is a sick game but cant find it at school anymore so email or send me a link i cann use

  6. No way to contact you. o: My link doesn't work for you (at school I guess)?

  7. "a football team such as the Arsenals"