Thursday, January 5, 2012

Word Descrambler Flash Game Review

Link: Word Descrambler
Genre: Puzzle/Educational
FlashMush Rating: 7.5/10

When I first opened up this game I was actually kind of skeptical at how good the quality and therefore my enjoyment of this game would be. Fortunately I was very much so pleasantly surprised in this descramble words type of game.

But first; Why was I skeptical? Right off the bat for any game you first notice the graphics. These graphics aren't the same style that I guess is the norm or what I'm used to as they are sort of dated and use MS paint style characters. However, it doesn't look bad and it actually fits quite well with the gameplay itself and overall I feel it works. Any other way probably wouldn't.

Word Descrambler offers a few modes of play which is always great and needed for puzzle games. You have a challenge mode and then a solo play mode which offers in itself a few different types of play. All these types of play are very well done and offer a slight difficulty curve although on the whole I think this game is kind of easy. However, unlike in a lot of games where I criticize games for being too easy, I've labeled Word Descrambler as "educational" and it's ease (and subject matter) is the reason why. This is a game that if I had kids would get them to play to learn something and to stretch their brains more, it's a game that anyone can play and have fun but especially younger audiences. Games like this are needed and are a good break from all the other complicated flash games that are around nowadays.


  1. Great game indeed

  2. I like that kind of animation! the game looks good!

  3. My parents will like this. They love word puzzle games like Text Twist.