Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ballooner Flash Game Review

Link: Ballooner
Developer: Rocanten
Genre: Physics/Puzzle
FlashMush Rating: 8/10

Who loves physics? Must be everyone as the amount of physics based flash games that are released daily is staggering. The latest one to hit the circuits is Ballooner.

As the name suggests Ballooner is heavily themed on...well balloons. This right of the bat makes for a semi interesting/different dynamic. The gravity is focused in reverse of the norm. Now this of course is not the first to do this, far from it, but the amount that do this is significantly lower so thought it was worth mentioning. Gameplay in Ballooner plays much like most of the popular physics puzzler flash games out there like Red Remover and such. You have "good" balloons which need to be freed into the sky and bad balloons that need to be popped. To do this you of course remove various pieces of wood, metal and glass to utilize physics and complete these goals.

Now, gameplay wise it is quite the solid game. Adequate levels, variety in level design and good difficulty curve.  One thing I really did like was the theme. Not necessarily the overall gameplay theme as it's been done time and time again, but if you are going to do balloons..well Ballooner did it right. Everything was well polished and had a professional feel to it. Of course the lack of originality is the main thing that hurt the scoring but it got the average score for these types of games. Additions of level editors, level packs, etc. would help shape this game into a stand out physics puzzle game as it does have  a solid foundation.


  1. Pretty much like the original Bloons. I like the addition of being able to pop the "bad balloons". This makes it a bit trickier as you have to pop the bad ones, but save the good ones.

    The level pack is quite big and will last you for awhile.