Friday, February 24, 2012

Gravity Duck 2 Flash Game Review

Link: Gravity Duck 2
Developer: Wobly
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
FlashMush Rating: 7/10

Everyone knows ducks don't obey the laws of gravity, so it's time for Gravity Duck 2! Also if you haven't noticed I decided to continue a slight duck theme today with my post on Ducklife 4 and now Gravity Duck 2.

Gravity Duck 2, for better or for worse, plays pretty much exactly like the concept of VVVVVV with the gravity switching on and off. Now I'm not going to be one of those guys who completely bashes a game for a similar concept, especially a concept like this which VVVVVV was not the first to do and obviously not the last. Although I will say the similarities are striking, even in the music and sound effects, but nonetheless.

Moving away from any genre similarities, I shall talk about gameplay. Gravity Duck 2 has some pretty solid gameplay. There are some slight issues which stem from some unreasonable sponsorship requests (can't press x to quickly go to the next level, have to click with the mouse which is coincidentally located below a large banner ad for the sponsor...), but other than that there is none. Level difficulty however is a huge issue for me. This game was very easy. I never had to really think about what to do and the most I died on a level was probably three times. I also finished this game in probably 10 minutes and there are a lot of levels. I guess a level pack/expansion pack would work for this as I feel the level design overall was pretty good and not as boring as one would have expected. But even with that the levels were way too easy. Overall though Gravity Duck 2 is a very solid game albeit not the most challenging or unique.


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